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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

Theda Clark Memorial Hospital,   pp. 292-294 PDF (936.9 KB)

Page 292

THEDA CLARK MEMORIAL HOSPITAL was erected in I909 as a memorial
to Mrs. Theda Clark Peters. Wishing to give the community some
needed and worthwhile gift, she had made a bequest of $96,ooo. After
considering the possible uses for the money, her family decided that a
hospital was the best answer.
  To place the new institution on a secure financial foundation, Mrs.
Peters' family made an additional gift
of $30,000. Construction of the build-
ing took $8o,ooo, and the remaining
$46,000 was set aside as an endowment,
the income from which was to be used
to help cover the cost of operation.
  The hospital provided 25 beds, but
the first year only a total of 196 pa-
tients were admitted. By i919 admis-
sions rose to 1,114. More space and
more facilities were essential. The Board
of Trustees decided on the construction
of an additional wing, doubling the
C. B. Clark-s
Born September 5, 1882      jumped during the years of World War
Died April 6, 1949          1. Cost of the addition was more than
He loved the city of his birth, and gave
ofhimselfand ofhismeans toits welfare $i5o,ooo, and it became necessary for
as has no other citizen.    the family of the original donor to look
for outside help in shouldering the load. Local firms and individuals
made contributions totaling $6o,ooo.
  A nursing school had been started in I9I0, with five students. Miss
Amelia Ritchie, who was Superintendent of the hospital, directed the
school. This school was affiliated with Cook County Hospital and
students were given part of their training there. The school continued
until 1938, and had graduated 127 students. An alumni association
was formed, and since the nurses had all taken surgical training under
Miss Julia Sorenson, who was connected with the hospital almost

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