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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

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                     DANA CLUB HALL
ONE of the historic meeting places of early Neenah was the Dana
Club Hall. John S. Tolversen here tells its history:
  The Dana Club was the old Trinity Lutheran Church, located on the corner
Washington and Walnut Streets, next to their school building, which is still
there, though now a house. I attended that school for about half a year.
  The Dana Club bought the church and rebuilt it for a hall, later selling
it to J. P.
Jasperson, who moved it to its present location on West Doty Avenue. The
Club met there, though that club has long since passed from existence. The
Brotherhood, which is still a going concern, then met there for a time.
  I remember very well, as a little kid, attending parties there when the
drove in from the farm, which was a ten mile drive. The building had a stage
was the scene of many entertainments, and I remember one debate, though I
not remember the participants, except that J. P. Jasperson was one, and the
of the debate was, "The theater is an unchristian institution and should
not be
patronized by Christian people."
  Louis Sorenson bought the building from Jasperson, and later sold it to
Edgarton. Subsequently it became the property of Wm. Krueger Co. At present
belongs to The Jandrey Co., who use it for storage.
   George Elwers appends this relative to Michelson's Hall:
   A similar hall with a stage was Michelson's Hall, on the site of the present
office. High School dances, with George Gardner, pianist, were held here.
It was
on the steps of this building that the boys were sitting one evening with
to do, wh en Dr. Chapin came along and talked to them. Result: The Boys'

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