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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

Cemeteries,   pp. 189-190 PDF (328.9 KB)

Page 189

Oak Hill Cemetery
HARVEY JONEs, during his brief life in Neenah, from the spring of
1848 to his death in November, 1849, made a gift of five acres for
cemetery purposes. This was the beginning of the present Oak Hill
  Following Jones' gift came these additions:
    i868-by gift from William Merriman, acreage not specified.
    I875-bought from William Tipler for $1,2oo, acreage not specified.
    i879-bought from Benjamin Freeman, acreage not specified.
    i888-by gift from Clara A. Shattuck, the Merriman homestead on land
          now occupied by chapel and vault
    1924-bought from John Grimes, 17 acres at $Soo per acre.
    1924-four citizens of Neenah joined in a project to regrade the cemetery,
          fence it and erect an ornamental gateway, build chapel and vault.
          Approximate cost of gift, $Ioo,ooo.
Basic charges for perpetual care:
  Residents of Neenah pay-
                        For a single grave--40
                        For a 4-grave lot-$i78
                        For a 6-grave lot-$217
                        For an 8-grave lot -258
  Non-residents pay-
                        For a single grave-55o
                        For a 4-grave lot-$218
                        For a 6-grave 1ot-$277
                        For an 8-grave lot-$338
  Cemetery deficits currently range between $17,ooo and $19,ooo per
year, cared for out of taxes.
Memorial Park Cemetery
THE founders of Greenlawn Memorial Park, located just south of
Neenah on Highway 41, had an ideal and a purpose.

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