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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The 1950's,   pp. 143-[162] PDF (4.7 MB)

Page 143

                   THE 1950 1S
rT IS DIFFICULT, if not impossible, for us who live in the sixth
     decade of the 20th century to view it in perspective. Current
     history is making as we write. We have the feeling of being
     swept into the future by powerful currents flowing to us out of
the past. Growth in every phase of community life during the '5os
dwarfed the expansion of any previous era. The city burst its bounds
to the south and west. New subdivisions and new homes sprang up
as if by magic. New churches came into being, and schools so modern
and attractive that oldsters wished they could revert to childhood.
More streets, more sewer and water lines-the city's budget and
bonded indebtedness bulged. Shopping centers in the outskirts sprang
up, competing with shops in the inner city; parking meters helped, but
didn't solve, the parking problem. All branches of sport leaped
ahead, and industry, paced by Marathon, Kimberly-Clark, Neenah
Foundry and Bergstroms, added new strength to Neenah's economic
foundations and to the earning power of Twin City residents.
  The mounting volume of Council business was relieved, in part, by
putting the office of Mayor on a full-time basis at the spring elections
of 1957. And to promote fairer, and more workable, representation on
the Common Council, the city was divided into ten wards, with one
representative from each ward.
Significant Industrial, Social and Professional A/ovemnent
BERGSTROM PAPER COMPANY EXPANDS. Early in this decade the Berg-
strom Paper Company embarked upon a long-swing program of
waste disposal destined to add many acres to Neenah's park system
through fill along the south end of Little Lake Butte des Morts.
  For some years this company, hemmed in at its downtown location,

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