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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The Cunningham era in perspective,   pp. 3-11 ff. PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 3

wHo have made Neenah our home during the first half
f the twentieth century owe a lasting debt of gratitude
o G. A. Cunningham, Editor of the one-time Neenah
'azette, for recording- the salient facts of this settlement
from its beginnings to the year 1878. Now we, a volunteer commit-
tee, take a perspective look at the 8o years that have come and gone
since Cunningham's time. We, too, hope to hand on to a future gen-
eration something of the chain of association that links their gen-
eration and ours with those who have gone before. A writer in a recent
issue of "Wisconsin Magazine of History" remarks, "History
is a
point of view, a perspective, and not a period of time." "The main
objective," says this writer, "is not so much the tracing backward
historical streams to their remote sources, as the inducement of a
vision of the current history flowing to us from the past." Thus it
shall be our hope, while recording facts and data, to detach ourselves
from a bare recital of fact, and suggest the widening flow of life as it
comes to us out of the past. As we address ourselves to this task, it
seems advisable, perhaps inevitable, that we overlap Mr. Cunning-
The "Grand Loggery" of Territorial Governor James Duane Doty in
its original setting facing the mouth
of the river.

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