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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

D,   pp. 580-592

Page 580

0.4 1 INi'ar. es 
Tilphem 6.% i  a    11iliwm     l   l, 
Currie Geo W mach h 1053 Park av 
Currie Jno R blksmth h 1058 Park av 
Curry Candace F bkpr Beedle Coal C0 h 212 Roscoe a. (SB) 
Curry Dee mach h 1024 Pleasant 
Curry Frank P race horses h 1225 Porter av 
Curry Mary J h 731 Harrison av 
Curry Norman C maeh h 212 Roscoe av (SB) 
Curtis Alva eng h 814 Schiller pl 
Curtis Eugene porter h 814 Schiller pl 
Curtis Frank A lab h w a Celveland 3 n Madison rd 
Curtis Hugh D mach h w a Cleveland 3 n Madison rd 
Curtis Jay mach h 123 Moore 
Curtiss Marg Mrs hlpr Y M C A h 433 St Paul av 
Cushman Bert elk Jas H Clarke h 1135 Jackson 
Cushman Chas B real eat 1185 Jackson h same 
Cushman Ruby E tchr h 1135 Jackson 
Cutelis Angelo mold S W S Corp h 853 Shirland av 
Cuthry Michl mold S W S Corp h 468 S Race 
Cutland Jno h 812 W Grand av 
OUTLEXR FURNITUIR       O A G Briggs Mgr Furniture Rug 
and Linoleums 318 State Tel 1203 
Cutts Sami T emp J Foster Co h 812 Highland av 
Cutule Frank lab S W S Corp h 916 Park av 
DAEDLED Otto mason h 757 Bluff 
Dagen Louis lab (USA) h 526 Lawton av 
Daggett Jas woodwkr h 1104 Clinton av 
Dagnan Louis foreman Doylair Stove Works h 6 Northwesterl 
av (SB) 
Dahl Chas lab h 1151 Oak 
Dahl Edw blksmth h 1151 Oak 
Dahl Louis H mach h 1136 11th 
Dahl Merton drftsmn h 519 Pleasant 
Dahl Ralph H drftamn Gardner Mach h 915 Clary 
ahlberg Anna (wid Edwin T) h 732 Vine 
Dahlberg Edwin L student h 732 Vine 
Dahlberg Ernest C elk h 318 W St Lawrence av 
Dahlberg Etheer R instr h 732 Vine 
Dahlberg Wilford C elk F P Hewes h 732 Vine 
Dablen Erik foreman h 1227 Vine 
Dailey Robt S mgr Hilton Hotel h same 
I            I              I  I I             I I        I  I          

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