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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

M,   pp. 86-91

Page 86

,do           ]Wbb* "UIIbT. 
LaughJ John, wt*wsA h ? bank rust 
lAwlar      a   kstmi d th, bds School r Cathol chu* 
,to                     Colleg Goar oW ,nd 
LeInar Il.t., hbat s, hht 00100 ePot 
Lawey Moa h. .,  .sebO t  & Scho 
LaL   I k 0, e~erRock flever Bank bds ot Third and 
Leo A. F,   ,  h c   Race an MUM 
Lee X.Jndabr,hors        t L     d 
Lee Q. ., dou  &e& 0. h llt or Locust 
L     oee h  ber I tl, R. B.HeyhDnrFut 
, almsaior,              a, & atesm 
Leonard H. J., clerk, bda Tight or Locust 
Leonard f. X., Lt Dsnhrth & Co., h Tight or Locust 
Lewis A. P., of Betts & L,_hMeebanic nr Third 
Lewis Edmund, knrme, h Oa bt Locust and 9 
Lewis E. N., hotsl keM 91 J.N R eldit He 
Lyaa Wm., laborer, ha Rae 
Lndemood Thee., cark at Keye., Whit e C Wo, WE  Third or 
nda Pat      I., cuputer, bh WMis or E 
Lng lssAhbaker, Jae. Bertram 
Long HenfryWilliam, tallor, ooa State a, School B  m 
LgWilliam, tailor, W  Farm bt Bluff and Eighth 
Le L     8, cfL , Otis & O., h Third bt Locust snd  o 
Lo   Oa & Co., reapm fto, Secn d bt Lccs and E 
Lyman Re, clergyman, bd J. N. Rsynouls 
Lymonds Stmh., armer, h M1ikewes road 
Lynh.Daie, Mse, h 4 an depot 
Lynoh Daniel laborer ba a Race 
Lynch John, bl&AcMWlh V. Hill, WEa Race car Pleasant 
Lyos-- lightning rod, WEl American House 
Lyon Patrck mason WEa Third or Merrill 
3foCSa* John, soap and candle manufaturer, rod Broad, h 
Bra  fState 
MCawot MM1ichebrer, h or bank rime 
MOOayett 0., watchman 0. & C. U. R. R., h or bank river 
MoClanaithan Mms, millinery, School or State, Bushnell House 
block, hI Broad bt State and Pleasant 
M'Cord I. D., student, Wix Third cot Hydraulic 
McOOY Wa., carpenter, Us owe Chrh ad Usesad 

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