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Instructions to fire wardens

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gerously dry time, and if he holds the individuals who have set the
fires responsible under the law for any damage that may result.
They, not the fire warden, should do the watching.
Printed special warning notices will be Issued by the department for
the use of fire wardens when forbidding the setting of fires during a
dangerously dry time, as provided for in section 4405a, statutes of
In case fire wardens at any time find themselves without printed
special warning notices, they can write one as follows:
J o.nty c.t* having been duly appointed Fire Warden for the town of
-  . <unnty of - -. and belntz convinced that a dangerously dry tim^
exists In Its -vicinity. do herewith this   day of       , 190- In ae-
eordanee with the following provisions of section 440'a. Statutes of 189R.
bid the setting of any fires on any land In this town except for warming
person or cooking food.
Setion 4405a. Statutes of 1898, provides as follows: Whenever the fire
warden of any town becomes convinced that a dangerously dry time exists In
Its vicinity. and tbat it Is Imprudent to set fire on any land, he shall
nost or
cause to be posted a notice In three public places In such town forbidding
setting of any such fire therein. and after the posting of such notices no
shall set any fire  p a   land In said town. except for warming the person
or cooking food.  ntil written permission has been received from one of the
fire wardens of said townn All persons who start camp fires shall exercise
reasonable precautions to prevent damage therefrom. and shall extingnlsh
sie before leaving them. Every person violating any provisimn of this see-
tion shall be Funished by sa fine of not more tban $5IO or by Imprivonment
the coeuty jaii not more than six months for each offense.
Any person who shall destroy. deface, remove or disfigure this notice Is
to a flue. Imprisonment, or both.
An oath of ofllce may be taken anywhere, outside of the town In
which a fire warden Is to hold office as well as within it, and may be
taken before either a notary public or a justice of the peace.
If for any reason a fire warden feels that he must resign, he would
do a favor to the department by recommending a man for the position
whe Is throughly competent and trustworthy, would accept the post-
ti, and at the same time be acceptable to the town board.

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