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Dallas Centennial 1870-1970 : August 15-16, 1970

The village board

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Front row: Frances Hollister, clerk; Mel Bonkrude, trustee; Ole Severude, President; Wayne Peterson, assessor.
Back row: Ed Vergin, trustee; Knute Berg, trustee; Arlie Ca'n, Treasurer; and Gayle Dague, trustee. Ed Vergin
has been a member of the village board since 1930, with an exception of two years. He has also served as village
President for many years. Knute Berg has been on the villg3 board since 1942, with the exception of two years.
The Village of Dallas was incorporated in 1903,
the charter being dated June 26th, at the circuit
court at Superior. A. J. Vinge was the circuit
judge at the time. The first election was held
on August 15th of that year, and the officials
elected were as follows: President, R. J. Tuttle;
clerk, David Russell; treasurer, J. A. Anderson;
trustees, Even Erickson, A. P. Manion, S. A. Sev-
erson, E. A. Pelton, Isaac Pecore and     Harry
Halverson; supervisor, Knute Espeseth; assessor,
J. M. Pelton; constable, J. E. Quam; justices of
the peace, J. K. Johnson and F. F. Tibbetts;
police justice, D. Russell.
Electricity was wired from the Anderson Mill
to light the village in 1914., Oscar and Maft An-
derson put up poles and did the wiring. This sup-
plied the village with power until the Wisconsin
Hydro Co. of Amery came into town with their
power. This company later sold to our present
suppliers of power NSP.
A new water system was needed, so this pro-
ject was started when Ed Vergin was president
of the village. This was completed in 1958 and
in 1963 a sewer system was installed. Then the
job of finishing the streets was taken on and by
1964 curb and gutter, along with the blacktopping
of the streets was completed. Harlow Berg was
the village president when this work was done.
Ed Vergin has attended a school for the mainten-
ance of both these systems.
The village business meetings and elections were
conducted in the old Village Fire Hall for many
years. When NSP put up a new office, the vil-
lage bought their old building for their office. The
village then sold this building to John Brendel
for his store and they moved into the former Lam-
perts office, where they are now situated. The Dal-
las Library is also located there.

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