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Dallas Centennial 1870-1970 : August 15-16, 1970

1970 Dallas centennial committees

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Bottom row, left to right: Harlow Berg, Lolita Guibord, Alpha Jorstad, Alma Amdall, Ora Brastad, Una Bonk-
rude, Danny Severude. Second row: Wayne Peterson, Gena Lee, Doris Severson, Dorothy Peterson, Inga Vergin,
Elsie Flagstad, Beth Midboe. Top row: Jim Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Ed Vergin, Ross Davis, Rodd Novak,
Edwin Olson, Mel Bonkrude.
Chairman - Jim Anderson
Treasurer - Dan Severude
I. Publicity: Alfa Jorstad, Chairman; Dorthy
2. Beard: Edwin Olson, Chairman; Knute Berg
and Gary Borgen
3. Finance: Ross Davis, Chairman
4. Ladies Costumes: Lolita Guibord, Chairman;
Irene Larson and Dorthy Peterson
5. Photo Display: Gena Lee, Chairman; Henry
Halverson and Minnie Halverson
6. Book Advertising: Ora Brasfad, Chairman; Elsie
Flagstad, Pat Ness, Joan Anderson, Evelyn
Severson and Maxine Smith
7. Book History: Inga Vergin, Chairman; Beverly
Anderson, Grace Omtvedt and Judy Novak
8. Book Editor: Doris Severson
9. Queen Contest: Alma Amdall, Chairman
10. Refreshment Stands: Wayne Peterson
II. Kiddies Parade: Beth Midboe, Chairman; Gayle
12. Parade: Harlow Berg, Chairman; Rodd Novak
13. Public Address System: Fred Daily
14. Steam Engines: Mel Bonkrude, Chairman; Oscar
15. Float: Rodd Novak, Chairman; Dale Severson,
Oswald Amundson, Andy Omtvedt, Doris Se-
verson, Judy Novak, Grace Omtvedt, Valois
Severude and Clara Amundson
16. Awards: Ed Vergin, Chairman; Herb Lee
17. Program: Una Bonkrude
18. Construction: Kenneth Anderson

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