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Dallas Centennial 1870-1970 : August 15-16, 1970

Mail service

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Postal service to the community started at a
site south of the village at what was called
"Sylvan Springs." There was a post office at the
Hufnail farm with W. Hufnail as the postmaster.
In 1877 W. S. Foster opened a store south of
the village, and he was appointed postmaster. At
this time the name was changed to Dallas. In
1879 Foster moved his store to a site west of
the pond.
The post office was usually placed in a busi-
ness building, and the proprietor was appointed the
postmaster. J. G. Johnson had the post office in
his general store on the west side of the pond.
K. Espeseth had it later on, in his general store.
Torger Olson and Frank Johnson had it in their
places of business also. Dr. Thatcher operated the
post office in his drug store at one time. The
post office was then moved to the building it now
occupies. Gert Grindy, Joe Wall, Alma Beggs, and
Herb Lee were all postmasters in this building.
In 1965 a remodeling of the inside was done.
James Anderson is the present postmaster.
Rural mail service began in 1903 with three
routes. Horses and mail cart was the mode of
transportation. Some of the rural carriers were Bill
Hansen, E. Keyes, Tom Olson, C. Hankins, Alec
Keller, Emil Gehler, Perry Kahl, and the present
carrier, Herb Lee.
Many changes have taken place in this as-
pect of public service.

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