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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Cadiz,   pp. 150-158 PDF (1.7 MB)

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History of Green County. 
J. W. SHUEY, 5 years.       JACOB ADAMS, 4 years. 
J. W. SHUEY, 3 years.       JACOB ADAMS. 
WM. McDoWELL.               PETER GTNAGI. 
J. W. SHUEY, 3 years.       JOSEPH KLECKNER, 4 years. 
HIRAM TICKNOR.              C. H. ADAMS, 2 years. 
, W. SHUEY. 
As is evident from the history of Exeter, Monroe, and 
.Clarno, many of the earliest settlers came to the county 
7from the mines to the west of us. It was probably in 
1834 that George W. Lot of Pennsylvania came from the 
mines and made, in the south-east corner of the town- 
ship, the first claim made in Cadiz. Win. Boyles from 
Indiana, and Stephen G. and Nicholas Hale and Bennett 
Nolen directly from the mines, but before the Indian war 
from Illinois, settled near him. Next, in the spring of 
1836, came Jesse W. Shull, a Pennsylvanian, who came 
to Green County from a trading house, which he had 
-kept several years, and around which was growing up 
the village called for him Shullsburg. 
The second wedding and the first school in the county 
were in Cadiz. In August, 1836, Mr. James Hawthorne 
and Miss Massy R. Boyles were married. Preparatory 
to the wedding, Mr. Hawthorne went to Mineral Point 
to get a license, and, arriving there in the absence of the 
:functionary who was to give it, was obliged to wait two 

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