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Hibbard, Benjamin Horace, 1870-1955 / The history of agriculture in Dane County, Wisconsin

Preface,   pp. [73]-74 PDF (274.1 KB)

Page [73]

  The purpose in choosing this subject for a thesis was to make
a beginning in an interesting and unexploited field of economic
history, rather than to produce anything of widespread interest.
Yet as limited as the subject is, it has proved to be too extensive
for a monograph of this kind, and several chapters are withheld,
while still others remain for future research. There is an oppor-
tunity for much work on the live-stock industry, but it can be
treated more advantageously for the state than for the county.
The tables in the appendix give a few bare facts on the subject.
  There is a wealth of material for the writing of agricultural
history, but as indicated in the short bibliography of this thesis, it
is in newspapers and various government reports for the most
part, and great patience is required for its discovery and colla-
tion. The information to be had at first hand is also of prime
consideration. Such work as this, when further developed,
ought to find a place in college courses on scientific agriculture or
general industry.
  Should this study seem to be overburdened with minor detail, it
is largely due to the fact that it involves the interpretation of the
simple pioneer's life, of the locality studied. To strip it of these
amplifications would, in the estimation of the writer, rob it of its
main value.
  The writer wishes to acknowledge his obligations to Professor
Ely and Professor Turner of the University of Wisconsin, under
whose direction the work was undertaken, and to whose kindly
suggestions and encouragement much is due. Valuable criticisms
have been offered by Dr. H. C. Taylor of the same University.
But thanks are due no less to the good people in various parts of
the county who so generously assisted in bringing back the spirit

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