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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Article of Incorporation]

Special meeting of members: June 15, 1936,   pp. 24-30 ff.

Page 24

Special Meeting of embers.
Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
June 15, 1936.
.e-aicrs of Ha.miilton Fo ationIncoorporated (hereinafter cale
the corporation) met by consent at the office of Hamilton Man:
facturing Company in the city of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Courty,
Wisconsin, for the purpose of trans.cting' corporate business.
Meeting called to order by J. E. Hamilton, President;
G. Dickson, Secretary, present and acting as such.
Roll call of the members showed the following present
in person, constituting all of the present members of the corpora.-
J. E. Hamilton
Geo. S. Hamilton
H. C. Gowran
E. P. Hamilton
. . Dickson
The President read the following statement to the mem-
bers and requested that it be incorporated in the minutes of the
"Two Rivers,
June 12, 1?>.
To the Members of Hamilton Foundation IncorcoratI
Hamilton Foundation Incornorated was organized o,,.
ber 6, 1924. On November 20, 1924 the incorporators held-
their first meeting and elected members, directors, and
officers, and adopted by-laws, and took all other action
necessary to complete the organization as a corporation.
The original members, all of whom were elected directors,
were J. E. Hamilton, Etta Hamilton, Geo. ". Hamilton,
H. C. Gowran and T. V. Suddard. The officers originally
elected were J. E. Hamilton, President; Geo. S. Ha:ailton,
Vice President; Etta Hamilton, Secretary and Treasurer.
On October 26, 1931, following the death of T. Wi. Suddard,
two new members were elected, namely E. P. Hamilton and
W. G. Dickson. On January 12, 1934, EttaHamilton, a
member, died reducing the membership to five members,
namely J. E. Hamilton, Geo. S. Hamilton, H. C. Gowran,
E. P. Hamilton and W. G. Dickson, who constitute the
membership on the date of this meeting.
Since Cctober 26, 1931 no meetin-s of the members have
been held, but under the law the directors and officer s
held over, so that the car ;r teor mriz 4onĀ»
complete at all times.
Pursuant to By-law No.
ing of members for thr pur oc of dissolving the corpora-
tion, inasmuch as the corporation has no assets or liabili-
ties, and there is no prospect of the corporation functioning
in accorda:.cewith the original intent at time of incorpora-
(SIGNED) J. E. Hamilton"

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