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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Article of Incorporation]

First meeting of directors: November 20, 1924,   pp. 15-18

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First MeetillE of Directors
ovaber 20, 1924.
On the above date, at the hour of four o'clock P. I.,
the Directors of HALILTOC FOUNDATION IICORPORATED (hereinafter
called in these minutes the corporation) met at the office of
The H-amilton Manufacturing Company in the City of Two Rivers,
Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, pursuant to resolution adopted at
the meeting of members of said corporation which was held on
the same date and at the same place at thetour of two o'clock
P. .; said Directors acknowledging notice of said resolutio,
a rci ro reting by consent of all of the Directors.
-  -      was called to order by J. E. Humilton,
J: 0Co I>      ously carried, was elected Chairman of the
On motion unanimously carried Etta Hamilton was elected
temporary secretary, to record the minutes of this Directors'
The Chairman thereupon instructed the temporary sec-
retary to call the roll of Directors, which being done disclosed
the following Directors present in person, being all of the
members of the Board:
J. E. Hamilton
Etta Hamilton
George S. Hanilton
C. Gowran
. W. Suddard
Lie Chairzanlaid before the Board of Directors the
Iolloin vWritten communication, which, on motion culy carried,
was incorporated in the minutes of this ,eetinj:
Two Rivers, Wisconsin,
November 20, 1924.
To the Board of Directors of Ha1ilton Foundation Incorporated:
The five incorporators of Hamilton Foundation Incor-
porated (hereinafter called the corporation), viz: J. 2.

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