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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Article of Incorporation]

Articles of incorporation,   pp. 1-4

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KNOW ALL LEIT BY TIES!' R  1TS, that the undersigned ad-
ult residents of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby make, sign and
agree to the following
artice irst. The undersigned have associated, and do
O;Cuy, Lo>aciate themselves together for the purpose of forming
a corporation under the brovisions of Chapter 180 of the Wiscon-
sin Statutes and the acts amendatory thereof and sup1lementary
thereto, the business and purposes of which corporation shall be
the coiduct and maintenance of a charitable institution, or of
charitable institutions, of the broadest charitable and educc-
tional character; the promoting and aiding of education in
schools, colleges and universities; the furnishing of charita-
ble and educational aid to the needy and worthy, and the carry-
ing out of other charitable purposes, particularly for the
ental, moral and physical improvement of inhabitants of the
.consin and of other states.
icesecond. The name of said corporation shall be
HAI.ILTON FOUTDATION INCORPORATED, and its location shall be in
the City of Two Rivers, County of Hanituwoc, State of Wisconsin.
Article Third. This cornoration is organized without
capital stock, and no part of the principal or income thereof
shall ever inure to the benefit of any member thereof, and no
dividend or pecuniary profits shall ever be declared or paid to
the members thereof.
Article Fourth. The general officers of said corpora-
tion shall be a president, vice-oresident, secretary and treasur-
er, and the Board of Directors shall consist of five members.
Ie offices of secretary and treasurer ay be held by the same
Article Fifth. The principal duties of the president
shall be to preside at ali meetings of the Board of Directors and
at all meetings of the members; to sign in behalf of the coror-
ation all deeds, mortgages, instruments of conveyance, contracts,
certificates of membership, and other documents requiring such

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