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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Jefferson County directory: R],   pp. 350-352 PDF (946.0 KB)

Page 350

OTTO IEFELDS GO.i                          .PIPE. 
RAA             JEFFERSON Co.]    350   [DIRECTORY                RET 
RAABE Fred, 60a, 8 Farmington, 1     Reap Win. 120a, 30 Hebron, 2 Ft. At-
  Johnson Creek.                       kinson. 
Raabe Herman, 120a, 2 Farmington, 1  Redding Frank, 75a, 31 Palmyra, White-
  Johnson Creek.                      water. 
Raaseh F. R. 25a, 1-14 Watertown, 7  Ree Fred, 60a, 2-7 Milford, 2 Johnson
  Watertown.                          Creek. 
Raatz Gustav, 140a, 21-8 Milford, 6  Ree Herman, 88a, 5,14 Jefferson, 2 Jef-
  Watertown.                          ferson. 
Rabbach Emil, 22a, 29-15 Watertown, 5 Reed Darius, 80a, 33 Sullivan, 1 Pal-
  Watertown.                          myra. 
Rabbach Fred Mrs. 71a, 32-15 Water-  Reed John, 59a, 27 Sullivan, 1 Palmyra.
  town, 5 Watertown.                 Reed & Coombe, 266a, 28 Lake Mills.
Rabenhorst Carl, 62a, 6 Ixonia, 2 Wat-  Reese August, 120a, 9-14 Jefferson,
  ertown.                              Jefferson. 
Rabenhorst Win. 70a, 31 Ixonia, 3 Wat-  Reese C. Fred, 101a, 12 Farmington,
  ertown.                              Watertown. 
Rackemann Henry, 178a, 25-15 Water-  Reese Chas. 40a, 28 Aztalan, 2 Jeffer-
  town, 3 Watertown.                   son. 
Radisky Win. 150a, 6 Sullivan Rome.  Reese Christ, 40a, 31 Farmington, 3
Radke Aug. 167a, 2 Lake Milis.         Jefferson. 
Radke Charles, 82a, 11 Waterloo, R. F. Reese E. R. 155a, 28 Ixonia, 1 Ixonia.
  D. Waterloo.                       Reese Geo. 80a, *120a, 34 Aztalan, 2
Radloff Aug. 199a, 17 Oakland, 39 Cam- Jefferson. 
  bridge.                            Reese John, 70a, 12 Farmington, 4, 
Radlof Herman, 83a, 17 Oakland, 39     Watertown. 
  Cambridge.                         Reese John, 160a, 34 Aztalan, 2 Jeffer-
Radtke Fred, 40a, 2-7 Milford, 2 John- son. 
  son Creek.                         Reese John Mrs. Ila, 27 Farmington,
Radtke Herman, 80a, 3 Farmington, 1    1 Johnson Creek. 
  Johnson Creek.                     Regelein Chas. 70a, 13 Oakland, I Jef-
Raduege Aug. 66a, 6-7 Milford, 2 Lake  ferson. 
  Mills.                             Regelein Louis, 70a, 13 Oakland, 1 Jef-
Raeser Henry, 80a, 29-15 Watertown, 5  ferson. 
  Watertown.                         Rehbaum H. 114a, 29 Lake Mills. 
Raether Aug. 43a, 6 Lake Mills, Water-  Rehbaum Herman, 180a, 32 Lake Mills.
  loo.                               Rehberg Win. 79a, 28 Jefferson, Ft.
Raether William, 20a, 30 Lake Mills.   kinson. 
Ramsey Frank, 24a, 33-6 Koshkonong,  *Reich Herman, 114a, 6 Sullivan, Rome.
  1 Ft. Atkinson.                    Reich John, 154a, 16 Sullivan Rome.
Ramsey Sydney, 120a, 29 Oakland, Cam- Reichert Henry, 120a, 23-8 Milford,
  bridge.                              Watertown. 
'Rankin Roy, 154a, 4 Koshkonong, Ft. Reichert Win. 150a, 34-15 Watertown,
  Atkinson.                            4 Watertown. 
Ranney Levi M. 159a, 21 Koshkonong,  Reindel John, 200a, 12-15 Jefferson,
  3 Ft. Atkinson.                      Helenville. 
Ransom  Chas. 80a, 36 Farmington, 1  Reinel Geo. N. %a, 2-15 Jefferson, Hel-
  Helenville.                          enville. 
Raser Fred, 123a, 33 Concord, 2 Sulli-  Reinke Franz, 120a, 12 Sullivan.
  van.                               Reithel J. W. 10a, 33-6 Koshkonong,
Raser Fred Jr. 80a, 33 Concord, 2 Sul- Ft. Atkinson. 
  livan.                             Reithel Jacob Mrs. 15a, 33-6 Koshko-
*Raser Win. 130a, 10 Sullivan.         nong Ft. Atkinson. 
Rasmussen S. y4a, 22 Ixonia, 1 Ixonia.  Renk John, 40a, 20 Sullivan, 1 Palmyra.
Rather Win. 62a, 4 Ixonia, 2 Water-  Retzlaff Aug. 120a, 2 Waterloo, R. F.
  town.                                D. Waterloo. 
Ratz Aug. 95a, 33 Aztalan, 2 Jefferson.  Retzlaff Gustav, 100a, 32 Oakland,
5 Ft. 
Rauber John, 161a, 15 Oakland, 1 Ft.   Atkinson. 
  Atklnson.                          Retzloff Carl, 20a, 23 Ixonia, 1 Ixonia.
Ravenhill Emma, 4a, 7-8 Milford, Lake *Retzloff Gustav, 136a, 3-7 Milford,
  Mills.                               Johnson Creek. 
                                     217 Main St.       XO6 3rd St. 
         W1 A II&         [O[WATleRTOWN, Wis.. 
C C- 
  w i 

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