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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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     AT HOME ,       M           ARTIG'S 
     D R INK WMIV. JnLTU1JAx1 
     EXPORT BOTTLE BEER                            No. PHE 
     TUR           JEFFERSON] 249 [DIRECTOBY       WEC 
     Turner Matthew G. chairmkr. h. 303 E. 3d. 
'     Turner Reuben A. elk. 205 Main, h. 303 E. 3d. 
  j   Tuttle John, carp. h. w. s. W. 1st 3 s. C. 
( 0   UNION Upholstering Co. (Benjamin R. Schweiger, Claude A. 
  1W    Smith) C s. w. cor. Water. 
A4    VALENTINE Anna Miss, h. w. s. Dewey 1 n. North. 
      Valentine Gertrude Miss, h. w. s. Dewey 1 n. North. 
    Valentine Vincent, lab. h. w. s. Dewey 1 n. North. 
      Vaughn 0. C. Mnfg. Co. John W. Heid, pres; E. J. Sanborn,    > 
        v-pres; P. W. Hnbbard, see-treas. wagonmkrs, s. s. Racine, ft. 
  ft    German. 
 o   Voegerl Anna (wid. Henry) h. Darling s. e. cor. Church. 
      Vogel Gertrude, elk. 211 Racine, h. same.          -D, 
  Z   Vogel Henry, lab. h. s. s. Racine, 3 e. Main.         C= 
      Vogel Henry, tmstr. h. 118 Center E. 
      Vogel Henry Rev. pastor St. John's Luth. Church, h. e. s. Cen-  C-4
        ter 2 n. Church. 
   J  Vogel Herman A. com. trav. h. e. s. Center E. 3 n. Church.     M i,
U E   Vogel John, carp. h. 220 Darling. 
      Vogel Joseph, gen. store, 211 Racine, h. same. 
      Vogel Leonard F. elk. P. O. h. e. s. Center 2 n. Church. 
  W   Voigt William E. supt. Jefferson County Insane Asylum, h.     ___ 
        same.                                            fli 
        .01-                      W 
 C U  WAGNER Anton G. barber, h. w. s. Main 2 n. Racine. 
      Wagner George H. barber, w. s. Main 2 n. Racine, h. same.   0 
  Z   Waleskie Martin, ret. farmer, h. Ogden n. e. cor. Sanborn. 
ý, Walter Frances (wid. Andrew) h. 600 Main.             2 m 
      Walther John, engnr. fire dept. h. w. s. Center 1 n. Racine. 
  0   Walther Lydia (wid. Andrew) h. 110 W. 1st. 
      Walther Theodore, lab. h. Center, s. e. cor. Cemetery.       - 
      Ward Almon (Albright & Ward) h. w. s. Center 4 s. North. 
      Waterbury Scofield E. (Seifert & Waterbury) h. 408 B.       o=
W     Watson John, watchman, h. w. s. E. 4th 2 n. Milwaukee.      0  - 
   I" Weber Fred, brewer, h. Rock n. w. cor. 5th.                 z
4     Weckwerth Otto, packer, h. 406 Sanborn. 
      Weckwerth Rudolph (Jefferson Brewing & Malting Co.) h. 406   -
        Sanborn.                                         7S 
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     107 Main Street, *Watertown. Wis.         [       i 

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