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Town of Easton: our heritage

[Easton family farms],   pp. 22-29

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The present farm of John E. Krueger consists of 120 acres of land
in the town of Easton. These 120 acres may be divided into three par-
cels of land each of 40 acres, Lots 16, 17 and 20 in Section 18.
Although now they are united as part of one farm, the three lots were
not always considered together.
Originally, the land belonged to the United States and the
Congress could decide how it was to be used. Thus, in 1859 the
United States government granted title of Lots 16 and 20 to one
William McIntosh. This was done in pursuance of an Act of Congress
approved March 3, 1855, entitled "An Act in addition to certain Acts
granting Bounty Lands to certain Officers and Soldiers who have been
engaged in the Military Service of the United States."
An earlier Act of Congress (April 24, 1820) provided for the sale
of certain public lands. Under the provisions of this act the title
to Lot 17 passed from the United States to one Francois Cholvin in the
year 1858. This transaction as well as the grant previously described
were recorded in the public records at Stevens Point, since Marathon
County was not organized as a county and did not keep records until
later in the 1860's.
Whether or not the individuals involved in these affairs actually
saw or set foot on their land is doubtful. Neither of them seems to
have been concerned about their hold on the land, since both McIntosh
and Cholvin eventually lost their claim on this property when they
failed to pay taxes thereon. In 1862, Lot 17 reverted to Marathon
County; four years later in 1866 Lots 16 and 20 also reverted to
Marathon County in a tax sale.
In 1874 the Marathon County Board of Supervisors signed an agree-
ment with the Wisconsin Valley Rail Road Company pledging to give the
company title to 200,000 acres of county land in return for 250 shares
of stock in the railroad company. At the time, the Wisconsin Valley
Rail Road Company was engaged in building a railroad line from Wood
County, with stations at Knowlton, Mosinee and Wausau. On April 28,
1875, Lots 16 and 20 were deeded to the Wisconsin Valley Rail Road
Company by Marathon County. The company, in turn, sold half-interest
in these lands to a certain William F. Thompson of Detroit, Michigan,
and Judson M. Smith of Wausau, Wisconsin. This last transaction
occurred on September 11, 1875.
These two lots (16 and 20) both remained the property of these in-
dividuals until the year 1877. At that time, Judson M. Smith, acting
under powers of attorney received from Mr. Thompson and the Wisconsin
Valley Rail Road Company, sold Lot 20 to William J. Frederick (Wilhelm
J. Fraedrich). The other parcel of land, Lot 16, remained the property
of the railroad company, Mr. Smith, and the heirs of Mr. Thompson,
until it was sold in 184. In that year it was purchased by Mr. August
Sporleder, who retained title to this forty acres of land for nine years.
In 1893 the eastern parcel, Lot 16, was sold to Friedrich Ruenger, who
then deeded it to William Detert in January of 1900. Little more than
a year later it was sold to John F. Krueger on March 27, 1901. Sub-

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