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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 3 ([unpublished])

[1851, Dec. 24] PDF (5.8 MB)

Xmas eve Dec 24/51. Just after suffer my dear Mother I sit
down at my small table to enjoy the pleasure of thinking about
and commuing with you all. At such an hour is it any wonder
I should think of my far off home and of those who dwell there.
I feel that you are all in my heart to live and die with you."
What reflections crowd on the mind at such an hour as this, and
______ the heart feels at the remembrance of other days. I picture
you around the old hearth stone/it cannont be wrong to shed a tear
to its memory! ever dear place! Those who have assembled by
thee in peace in other days are now scattered, preparing and
partaking of your "_______" Are there but the tree of you.
some neighbors or friend is also at the family board. You think of
the absent as they think of you this memorable eve. Family
gatherings on earth are a pleasant thing; they however are not
all important. The _____ and ____ of families in heaven
is above all things to be desired, and that is possibel. Christ
the way the truth and the life has opened it to all that
believe. He was being the brightness of his fathers glory, and
_________ image of his person, of whom it was said thou art
my Son, was brought into the world, for us; and for our salvation.
It affords considerable satisfaction to believe that the most
of us at ______, I trust all, are bearing constantly in mind
the coming and __________ of the Lord Jesus, and that we
are seeking the blessings of grace thro' him. May_______
strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might go forward
bot to do and suffer his will in all things. For what to choose
for the best we know not. A heart resigned, submissive,
meek, our great redeemers throne, a heart in every thought
renewed, and full of love divine, is one of the best kind of
hearts, and will ensure its _______, peace and immortal life.

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