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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 2 ([unpublished])

Oct. 5th 1841 PDF (4.3 MB)

Oct. 5th 184_
My dear Brother. Having met with the following _____ in
a ______ comment by a Holy woman of God, Mrs. Stevens
a Protestant Lady now before the Throne, which has been
the means of _____ refreshing my Spirit, and strengthening
my confidence in the Lord, like the woman of _________ in
the Gospell, who when she had found the ________ was ______
that her friends and neighbors should participate in her
joy so I _________ the following for your leisure ______
sad ______ will be made as great a blessing to your
Soul as it has been to the unworthy writers. W. _____
    Genesis 5 Cha. 22 ____ "And Enoch walked with God
    ____________ Praise the Lord
We cannot but acknowledge, that in Enoch a wonderful ___-
duction of the Almighty Spirit ____ is visible; when in _____
that he lived in the midst of a corrupt, and _________ world;
that he participated in the nature, which is contrary to God;
that by his _______ of spiritual service, he was _______ to the
nation ____ of that world in which he lived; and that he 
was exercised by a __________________, exposing him to
many. And __________, temptation, conflict, and woes;
______ filled with admiration of that ___________, which
sustained him in hte midst of all; adn which was glorified
in his _________ character of devotion.  -------------
 Enoch was replenished from this _______________, and found
it to be __ his soul the substance of things hoped for, the
____________ of things not seen: he apprehended what the _____
of ignorance had ________ from the natural mind; he looked
upon Him who is invisible; he saw His Glory, and admired
the matchless excellence of infinite perfection: he understood
His Grace, and believed that great rewards of mercy awaited
such, as diligently sought His face; and in the ____________
sanctified ___________ of these truths, hope _________ his spirit,
and find ________ into faith; he sought his God with
___________ that he should find Him - and he found him!
Friendship, high and everlasting, was the privelege to which
his soul attained; and in the constant fellowship of his
spirit with the Lord, he walked with him: realizing ________
brances ____________ on Enoch's part: he loved, he thought
upon, he sought after, he __________ with, his God; and with
affections, all restored to their great first design, he had
sweet __________ of grace, and knew no ______ on Earth comparable
with ________________! On the part of God, eternal love

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