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Town of Day, 101 years

Sponsoring organizations,   p. 3

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Sponsoring Organizations
St. Anne's Society
The St. Anne's Society had an active membership as
early as 1899. An exact charter date is not known. Some
of the first leaders of the Society were Mrs: Henry
Beining, Clara Boles, John Brinkman, Matthew Brausch,
Andrew Daul, Charles Daul, Mike Derfus, John Ettringer,
George Fischer, Jacob Freiders, Fred Griesbach, John
Guldan, Theodore Hauke, John Kieffer, Ben Kraus.
Nicolas Krebsbach, John Krostag, Bill Krostag, John
Kuehlman, Jacob Leick, Felix Merkel, John Nikolai, Joe
Nikolai, Pete Nikolai, Bill Raschke, Jake Regenfus,
Nicolas Rehlinger, August Reif, Art Schaefer, Charles
Schultz, John Stark, George Stoiber, Joe Sturm, Joe Thon,
Louis Thon, John Treutel, Anton Weis, Anton Van de Loo,
John Weber, John Weis, Bill Wunsch, and Anton
In 1905 the Society had 11 committees to help the St.
Anne's run smoothly as compared to eight committees,
which the St. Anne's Society now has.
All women of the St. Andrew's Catholic Church of
Rozellville are members of the St. Anne's Society. The
ladies are divided into six groups plus the honorary
members. All the ladies help to fix and serve wedding,
funeral and banquet dinners.
There is also an annual clothing drive, yearly cleaning
of the Church, Hall, and once or twice a year the ladies roll
cancer bandages to send to the missions.
Quite often the ladies attend workshops and meetings
to help them improve themselves and the Society.
St. Anne's tries very hard to help any and all who
might need assistance whether its spiritual or material
benefit. If the Society had one particular motto I think it
would be "Love begins when you heed others needs."
Submitted by St. Anne's Society
of St. Andrew's parish
Rozellville Lions Club
The Rozellville Lions Club was chartered on the night
of September 19th, 1973 with 39 Charter Members.
Sponsoring Lions Club was the Junction City Lions Club
and they became affiliated with Lions International.
The major project of the club has been the
development of the Rozellville Lions Ball Park. Over
seventy thousand dollars has been expended in the
development of the park thus far and the park now
consists of a beautifully lighted ball diamond, concession
stand, shelter house, rest rooms and a kiddie play area.
Members and their families spend many hours working
with the youth of the community with little league ball
teams and have sponsored a team in the league.
The annual pancake dinner, held every fall, attracts
over 700 and has proven to be an excellent winter fund
raiser. The wives of club members hold a craft sale and
raffle in conjunction with the pancake dinner and use
earned funds to help furnish the concession stand. Many
other worthwhile community projects are undertaken as
the need arises.
Submitted by The Rozellville Lions Club
Town of Day
Rozellville \,ildelniess Riders SnNn1obile Club
Rozellville Lions Club
St. Anne's Society of St. Andrew's Church
Rozellville Wilderness Riders, Inc.
(Snowmobile Club)
...Developed into what it is today from one man's pipe
dream. Known as (Whimpy), Gordon Suder discussed his
dream with a few other enthusiastic snowmobilers and an
organizational meeting was set up. On December 3rd,
1978 a group of 15 people gathered and decided to
organize and elect officers. Nominations and elections
were conducted by Ron Hartle, who was also elected
president--but declined, which resulted in Gordy Suder's
election. Vice President fell on Ron Hartle's shoulders,
Secretary-Treasurer went to Sue Spindler, and Rich
Krueger, Daryl Beining and John Mullen were elected
The first year the Wilderness Riders sub-leased a ten
mile section of trail from the Stratford Snow-Runners,
gaining full control the following year. Since that time,
some bulldozing has been done to expand and improve our
trails to 14.3 miles including a new section connecting
Marathon and Wood counties. Grooming was done by
pulling small drags behind snowmobiles and by a
homemade all-track-driven machine until November of
1980 when a Bombie S.W. and drag were purchased to do
the job.
There is a lot of hard labor to make a snowmobile club
succeed, so people can ride a well-marked     and
well-groomed trail. A snowmobile club isn't all work and
no-play though, 'cause we have group rides, picnics in the
winter and summer, poker runs in January, and also an
annual Valentines Day dance. Our 35-40 members are
also active in various other happenings in the community
in addition to the club.
Come ride with us, and if you don't belong to a club,
visit one sometime. You may like it.
Representing Rozellville Wilderness Riders
Rich Krueger

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