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Pope, Amelia Irene Johnson (ed.) / Centennial history, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin : souvenir booklet, 1848-1948

Springdale 1848-1948: organize group to complete town history,   pp. 5-168 PDF (45.3 MB)

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Springdale 1848 - 1948
I N JULY 25, 1942, a meeting was called to order by T. S.
OSpaanem at the Mount Horeb village hall for the pur-
pose of making up a history of the Town of Springdale.
Rev. Hector Gunderson acted as temporary chairman, assisted by
Albert Barton, Register of Deeds for Dane County. Those present
T. S. Spaanem       Gilbert Gilbertson  Hector Gunderson
Albert Barton       Lewis Rue           Clarence Lunde
Harvey Fargo        C. A. Sorenson      Ed Lohff
Miss Carrie Eggum   Miss Susie Eggum
The matter of getting the necessary facts and data for the his-
tory was then discussed. The history would have to begin with the
first settlers in the township.
Committees were appointed in different parts of the town-
ship in order to gather all available information about the early
settlers. A number of people in the township were to be notified
and requested to hell) get information in their particular neighbor-
hood, and report to the committee. The following were to he con-
tacted: Ed Lohff. Martin Skinrud, John Deneen, John Riley, Clar-
ence Henderson, George McCaughey, Alfred Thorson, Charles
Himsel, Robert Beat, Oscar Oimoen, Halvor Bakken, C. A. Soren-
son, Tollef Lee, Clarence Lunde, Carl Messersmith, Ervin Lust,
Herman Erfurth, Arthur Moore, Herman Hankel. Sidney Fove,
H. B. Fargo, Lewis Rue, Otto Shutvet, Martin Martinson, Andrew
The following officers were elected:
T. S. Spaanem, President: Gilbert Gilbertson, vice president;
Arthur R. Sorenson, secretary; Herman C. Erfurth, treasurer;
Cornelius A. Sorenson, Director.
Discussion was then in order to determine procedure in securing
information concerning the earliest settlers of Springdale who
have all passed away and an appeal, is hereby made to members
of second and third generations of pioneer families who may have
records or items pertaining to the year and place of the imigration
of their ancestors, as well as incidents relating to their life and ex-
periences are desired in order to preserve information of historical
interest for future generations. Photographs of early pioneers will
also be appreciated.
Therefore, an appeal was made to relatives and friends for
whatever material was available, and the liberty was taken at the
meeting of appointing and publishing the names of persons selected
to assist in gathering information throughout the different sections
of Springdale Township as follows: E. C. Lohff, M. E. Skindrud, H.

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