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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter eight,   pp. 45-51 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 45

My last year in law school was the hardest of all. Once
again I had a class under Professor Herbie Page, the title of
which was "Wills". It was a very important class and I didn't
ever dare to go to class unprepared because he always called
on me. We were studying the construction of wills and I pronounced
the word "executor" wrong and he stopped and corrected me and said:
"If you don't correct your pronunciation we will execute you".
I rented a room all of the last year from Grace's mother,
Mrs. Jennie Robbins, as she had three rooms she rented to students.
Her house which she rented from a Mr. Ball was about three blocks
south of University Avenue and one block from the stadium. Grace
and I planned to get married as soon as I finished law school. In
fact we got married two days after I graduated. I had to borrow
$5.00 from Grace to pay the minister to marry us I was so broke.
As the house was so close to the football stadium Mr. Ball rented
space on his lawn (he lived next door) and also on the lawn of the
house rented by Mrs. Robbins. He was a real pinch penny.
I finally finished law school and graduated June 18 and we
were married June 20, 1928 in Trousdale Church which is located
on Vilas Avenue just off of Mills Street in Madison. Grace had
the church decorated with about a dozen canaries (in cages) and
she had invited some of her kindergarten children. The school where
she was teaching, Longfellow School, was only a couple of blocks
from the church. She was determined that there should be no weeping
at her wedding. Her older brother was to give her away (her father
was deceased) and her younger brother was to sing for her wedding.
Both brothers were doctors. My best man was Don Cameron who played
end on the Wisconsin football team and who had worked with me on
barberry work.
After the music had started and all the attendants were lined
up at the front of the church, including me and the minister, her
brother Holden sang and Grace and her other brother Hi were waiting

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