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Danhouse, Carl W. / The life story of Carl W. Danhouse

Chapter seven,   pp. 38-44 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 38

I entered Law School the next Fall and that was really
hard work, much harder than classes in the College of Letters
and Science. I was staying at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Carl
Tenney on North Pinckney Street at that time. They had made
a room in the attic for me which was alright during mild weather,
but when it got cold I had to build a fire in the wood stove,
and the fire would use up the oxygen in the room and I had to
study in the library or go to Grace's house to study. She never
bothered me while I was studying, but when I was through we did
a little spooning on the davenport. Her mother was always just
around the corner sewing.
Every first year law student had to take the course on
"Contracts" from Professor Herbie Page and he sure was a tough
cookie of an instructor. No one dared to enter the room after
the doors were closed and he was calling the roll. A Mr.
Zucherman did one day and after he entered and closed the door
Herbie stopped taking the roll and watched Zucherman find a seat
in the rear of the room. Then he exploded and said:
"Well Mr. Zucherman, we'll be giving you the keyes to
the city next!"
One Summer Bub Webb and I were given Green County to survey
for barberry bushes. We stayed in Monroe all week but come Sat-
urday after work we both went to Madison. I went to Grace's house,
they usually had no roomers in the summer, but if they did I went
to my fraternity house on Langdon Street, but we would spend every
spare minute together. On Sunday night we headed back for Monroe.
Our landlord in Monroe was supposed to be real good at
horse shoe pitching so Bub decided to have some fun with him so
he started claiming that I was the champion horse shoe pitcher
of the University. He kept up bragging and betting him that I
could beat him. He had him so convinced that I was good that he
didn't want to play against me but we finally got a match going,
and believe it or not I had wonderful luck for the first game or

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