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Beloit in 1911 : published by the Beloit Daily News

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CO3131EltCIAL CLUB BOOSTEl DAY-IAElC1t 10, 1910.
Commercial Club
The Beloit Commercial Club is
made up from the best brains and
business ability of the city. It was
organized in January, 1909, and has
upwards of seventy members at the
present time.  The officers of the
club are:  C. A. Gault, President;
F. W. Dupke, Secretary; H. A. von
Oven, Treasurer. The Directors are
as follows:   C. A. Gault, F. W.
Dupke, H. A. von Oven, S. G. Strong,
A. H. Booth, H. W. Adams, A. C.
Helm, B. P. Eldred, W. A. Rossow,
T. C. Hendley, D. H. Foster, W. F.
Holahan, A. H. Elliott, F. W. Wil-
ford, F. C. Mutchow and A. M. Mat-
tison. Monthly meetings of the di-
rectors are held in their offices in
the Goodwin Block.
During the two years of its exist-
ence, the Commercial Club has ac-
complished much for the city and
for its members.  One of the bene-
fits to the latter was the preparation
of a rating book which was very
complete and which has proven to be
of inestimable value to the mer-
chants of the city.  It has also ac-
complished for the merchants a
great deal in bettering the condi-
tions in the matter of miscellaneous
advertising.  It has been  instru-
mental in locating the Beloit Light-
ing and Heating Company which was
organized for the purpose of manu-
facturing the Sayre gasoline gas ma-
chine and of locating the Gardner
Machine Company on its splendid
property in South Beloit.
Shortly  after  its  organization,
George Blackstone Irving was se-
cured through the agency of the
Commercial Club for a public meet-
ing held in the opera house under
their auspices and much good was
accomplished by this gentleman. In
a great many instances have they
been successful in securing improve-
ments in existing conditions and in
bettering in every respect the com-
mercial life of the city.
Beloit Country Club
In July of 1909, several proml-
nent men of Beloit conceived the
idea of organizing a country club for
social and recreation purposes. A
canvass of the business and profes-
sional men of the city was made
and an organization . was perfected
in August of that year.  The pres-
ent site was secured, and the beau-
tiful club house erected. The even-
ing of June 27th, 1910, the club
house and grounds were opened with
a social function at which more than
two hundred people participated.
The location of the Country club's
tract is ideal for the purpose an
was practically the only available
place left easy of approach from the
river, the interurban, the beautiful
rIver road and the eastern section of
the city by the way of the upper
Janesville road.  It has a frontage
on the river road of 400 feet, extend-
ing to the river its full width, giving
ample room on the west side of the
road for a baseball diamond of reg-
ilation size and afford:ng protection
of the beautiful river view from the
site of the clubhouse against any-
thing that might affect the outlook.
This 400 feet frontage extends back
on the east side of the road a dis-
tance of 400 feet which takes in a
beautiful knoll of the Weirick home
upon which has been located the club-
house. It continues directly east to
a point parallel with Park avenue
156 rods, its total depth, and the
width of the piece at the rear of the
clubhouse is 2,128 feet.  This large
tract :s rolling, has deep ravines,
and is mostly in fine shape for go'f
at present time, adding greatly to its
value.  Since the original purchase,
131/2 acres have been added, making
a total of 571/2 acres.  There is a
row of cherry trees of considerable
length and all the natural advantag-
es of soil and topography for a--
ideal golf course  of  nine  holes,
which has been laid out and con-
stantly developed.
The   officers  are  as  follows:
Pres., F. W. Morgan; First Vice-
Pres., W. D. Hall; Second Vice-
Pres., W. C. Weirick; Treas., R. K.
Rockwell; Sec., G. B. Ingersoll.
The directors are: W. D. Hall, P.
L. Murkland, W. C. Weirick,_ T. C.
Hendley, F. W. Morgan, H. A. von
Oven, D. H. Foster, G. B. Ingersoll,
R. K. Rockwell.
HOUSE-H. A. von Oven, T. C.
Hendley, Geo. B. [ngersoll.
GREENS-D. H. Foster, T. C.
Hendley, R. K. Rockwell.
Murkland, D. H. Foster, R. K. Rock-
FINANCE-W. D. Hall, R. K.
Rockwell, H. A. von Oven.
Co. L, First Inf., W. N. G.
The present military company of
Beloit was organized in the spring
of 1900, mainly through the interest
and energy of Robt. C. Maltpress.
Mustered into the service of the state
May 10th, 1900, with M. H. Taylor,
captain. Robt. C. Maltpress, first lieu-
tenant; J. H. Tobin, second lieuten-
ant; and fifty-one enlisted men. Of
this number only one officer and
nine enlisted men served the full
term of enlistment of three years.
This was a period of up-building in
Co. "L" and while   its  inspection
markings were not high, there were
being enlisted a class of young men
who made the company and have con-
tinued it, for the past six years, one
of the very best companies in one of
the best state guards of the United
By meeting the requirements of
the "Dick Militia Law" of 1903 the
militia has become the second line of
defense and would be called into the
service of the United States by the
President immediately after the reg-
ular army, if needed for service at
home or abroad.
The standard of efficiency is de-
termined by the War Department.
The arms, equipment and organiza-
tion are the same as those of the
regular service and Co. "L" with
Capt. C. S. Buck in command, sup-
ported by his excellent Lieutenants
W. F. Ayer and M. C. West, is ready
and fully equipped to take the field
with the rest of the Wisconsin Na-
tional Guard, on very short notice.
Fire Agents Association
Beloit is especially fortunate in
the matter of fire protection, as else-
where shown in this publication. And
by reason of this, suffering less by
such loss than any city of her size
and industrial make-up in Wiscon-
And second to this, and standing
sponsor for indemnifying the popu-
lace in time of calamity or of such
loss by fire, is the "Beloit Fire
Agents' Association".  This associa-
tion comprises some of the best long
established busines men in the city.

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