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Beloit in 1911 : published by the Beloit Daily News

Dedication of The Soldier's Monument,   p. 13 PDF (736.9 KB)

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Dedication of TAe Soldiers' Monument
hearts and broken lives. Brave mn
of the north!   Brave men of tie
south, but brave in the wrong! and
Senior Member of the Beloit Bar, and Presi-
dent of the Citizens' Monument Asso-
ciation, who delivered the Dedica-
tory Address
The Monument Dedicated
Beloit paid her tribute to the he-
roes of '61, dead and living, when
more than five thousand people, citi-
zens and strangers within her gat s.
joined in the dedicatory exercises ot
the Soldiers' Monument in the citiy
cemetery on Memorial day, May 30,
1905. Under the influence of a !iv-
ing patriotism, with hearts overflow-
ing with gratitude to the saviors of
the cause in the Civil War, with -ie
bestowal of the choicest offerings of
the season's flowers and blossoitt.
old and young paid homage to tlal
diminishing force that wore the blue
in the time of sectional strife. Few
annual observances of Memorial day
are left to the survivors of the vi.
but those who do remain will ocx r
have another day in Heloit with i
many remembrances as this. It   ts
the day for which the veterans Its
been waiting many years and t!
had their full mteasure of glory
Gratefully  acknowledging  as wA
do that the hopes, desires and ambi-
tions of many years are realized in
--ti m mory  of  a  mih//It11pay I tI , prophri ic II-N' i I'> i X I   1 o a aI' t
miihtier fulture, I saiy THIS JIAlUJIdEAT STA Al) N FOR MIEN."
Secretary and Treasurer of Beloit Savings
Bank and Secretary of the Citizens'
Monument Association
J lanren, for his many labors in our
behalf, we give loyal thanks. r)
the children of the publhc schools
who so beautfied and brightened
our services by their presence, we
i   our loving greetings, remem-
hering that it is in the hands of the
thidren of today, that the passn
ears will place the care of the mon-
toents, the graves and the memor-
ies of the Grand Army of the Re-
pube.-By L. H. D. Crane Post.
No. 54, G. A. R., E. 31. Gammon.
Liberty and Human Rights
A half million men on our side
wcnt down to death of lingering dis-
ease and disability and toward half
a million yonder; and in that broad
trail of death a million other broken
Weighed in the balance and found
wanting, not alone the  south  bu
every agency. north or south, whose
Fymipathies or overt acts helped to
fill the measure of man s enslave-
lent! But the scales of God fouti
adjustment. Treason, disloyalty an
oppression went down, and liber-y
and human rights were enthroned.
The American nation, a nation ,f
natlons, was born again and destin-
ed to be a "world poxver," and one
of the earth's  architects  in  (he
building of humanity's temple vhict
is the temple of God.
And in this work. grander   ani
more enduring than any as yet tlhe
ages have wrought in recognition tt
part of what our soldiers, brave in
the right, living and  dead,  have
done, We are gathered here today.-
Eloquent tribute from Mr. Dow's
Dedicatory Address.
The generous donor of the beautiful Ceme-
tery grounds to the City of Beloit, and
a loyal frined of the soldier
the beautiful  Soldiers'  Monument
now standing on our lot in Beloit's
city of the dead, it is becoming inas they too  were fighting  for the
to show  our thankful appreciation  lIones and all they held dear am,
to all who so kindly assisted us in their courage and valor pa~ed besi.
the services at its dedication on Me- none; but brave in the xrong, tie
morial day. To the Women's Relief cause was lost.
Corps who are ever ready to helpt     The army of the north xere ots
when the burden is heavy upon us, and the army of the south, mx
to the many organizations  of  the alike, as 1 have said, xho breathe
city, to citizens generally and to the and loved and around tie tendrils
boys of old Beloit who have wan- whose hearts     xere  entwined  tc
dered far but have kept always ilinsame sweet mother-love, the sam
memory the beautiful city on the love of wife and child.     Desolat
Rock, no words can express our feel- homes, ruined prospects, blighted a
ngs of gratitude toward them   all fections and blighted lives, xere
for making this dedication possible. part of the fruitage of the xar
To Mr. J. B. Dow, for his masterly  which both north and south alit
yeo ih il fmsae        ei
they to wer  fitn   fo  th
hoe  adal hy     eddera
Mayor of the City of Beloit and Preside
of the Day
A Nation's Benediction
Put off thy shoes from off thy
feet!  Under the great dome of St.
Paul's cathedral in London lie bur-
ied the bones of its architect.  A
simple slab marks the spot and en-
1raven upon it are these words: "If
you would see my monument look
around you." But the marble of St.
Paul's, in after years, will crumble
back to dust, and the monument of
Its architect, lost to the world.
So *alike, this granite shaft erect-
ed in memory of our soldier dead.
which we dedicate today, will crum-
lbl back to its native dust, but a
monument more enduring than mar-
'ble or granite, soldiers of the war,
Is yours and ages hence, when ths
has gone and men shall ask of you,
they will be told to look around
them; that your monument is the
nation you helped to save and per-
petuate, grown grander and more
beautiful in its insistence upon equal
rights and ministrations of love, as
the years have greatened.
And so, standing as I have said
m the parting of ways, under the
Ii dows of this monument, itself
"lt a suggestion of the greater one
o yourselves have made, standing
between  the green-sward  and  the
sky to you, the living, soon to be
catalogued with the "soldier dead,"
with full measure of appreciation of
what you have wrought, I voice a
nation s gratitude and a nation's
benediction.  Soldiers, hail!  hail
mid farewell!-Conclusion of J. B.
Itow's dedicatory address.

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