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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

My boyhood,   pp. [5]-8 PDF (827.7 KB)

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                    MY BOYHOOD.
         Y  GRANDFATHER, David Ingram, came from
         Leeds, England, and settled in Southwick, Mam.
         in the year 18.... My father, also David Ingram,
         was born in Southwick, and married my mother,
         Fannie Granger, who was also born and raised in
Southwick. I was born in Southwick, May 12,1830, and when I
was a small boy my father and mother moved to Saratoga,
(Old Saratoga, it was then called). I was the fourth of
a family of nine children, five boys and four girls, of whom
only myself and my brother Julius Ingram, also a resident of
Eau Claire, are living.
   My father died when I was eleven years old, and soon after-
wards I went to live with a family named Palmer, seven miles
south of Glens Falls, N. Y., towards Saratoga Springs. I lived
there about two years and then went to Bolton, N. Y., to visit
my mother, who had married again and was living on a farm
on the shore of Lake George. I found her lonely and anxious
to have me stay near her. I had expected to remain with the
Palmers until I was twenty-one, but I arranged with them to
let me off, on account of my mother's anxiety.
   My mother arranged with a family named Boyd for me to
live with them, do dhores for my board, and go to school. They
didn't live far from the schoolhouse and treated me nicely.
   That winter Uncle Nathan Goodman, who lived about two
miles from Boyd's, at Goodman's Corners, visited them. He
took a liking to me, and wanted me, in the spring, to go with
him. The Boyd family had two sons who could do the work in
the summer and they were willing I should go to Uncle Nathan.
He had a good farm, and his wife was very nice. They had no
children, but had adopted a 'boy some years before who was
something of a bookworm, and perhaps I might say a little in-

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