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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1940-1941

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  Many of the Wisconsin College of Agriculture students in the past have
some phase of agricultural science and it seems probable that this field
will con-
tinue to provide many opportunities. In this field high scholarship is a
only those students whose work in the first two years is of high quality
should plan
to enter the field. The Graduate School at Wisconsin requires for entrance
an aver-
age undergraduate record of 1.5 grade-points per credit.
  Students wishing to prepare themselves in Agricultural Science find it
to follow their undergraduate work with further training along some particular
line leading to the master or doctor of philosophy degree. For such students
it is
usually desirable to carry a broad general course as an undergraduate. The
general fields of particular importance are Animal Science, Plant Science,
Social Science.
  All of the general college requirements, including the required courses
of the
freshman and sophomore years, must be met by students majoring in any of
fields. The majors outlined below follow the regulations with respect to
a split
  These majors have been approved by the Executive Committee and no special
is necessary by the student or adviser other than a statement by the student
of his
intention to follow one of these majors.
                          1-ANIMAL SCIENCE MAJOR
  Students carrying this undergraduate major may later wish to carry graduate
work in some of the following departments: Agricultural Bacteriology, Animal
Husbandry Biochemistry, Dairy Husbandry, Dairy Industry, Economic Entomology,
Genetics, Poultry Husbandry and Veterinary Science. The major requirements
be absolved by carrying not less than 25 credits selected from the following
list of
               Agr. Bact  121-Dairy bacteriology-                 3
               Agr. Bact.  125-Food bacteriology -_-_ -_    -     3
               Agr. Bact. 126-Physiology of bacteria_--          3
               Agr. Bact.  130-Determinative bacteriology  _-__   2-3
               Animal Husb. 126-Livestock feeding - __ -          4
               Biochem.   110-Principles of biochemistry -__ -    4
               Biochem.   121-Dairy chemistry-                    3
               Biochem.   125-Animal metabolism and vitamins-     4
               Dairy Ind.  124-Physical chemistry of dairy products-   3
               Econ. Ent.  102-Morphology and taxonomy -- -_      3
               Econ. Ent. 120-Ecology -________                  3
               Genetics    1-Principles of breeding- -_-____-_-___-  4
               Genetics   105-Animal genetics --     --__           3
               Poultry Husb. 107-Advanced poultry management--    3
               Vet. Science 120-Parasites of domestic animals -_  3
               Vet. Science 126-infection and immunity -_-_ -_ -  3
               Thesis-   ----------------- ---------------------------------
  Students in this major must also carry at least 24 elective credits outside
of the
College of Agriculture. Basic science is recommended. It will also be desirable
stude its in this major to carry two years of at. least one foreign language.

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