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University of Wisconsin / College of agriculture announcement of courses: 1940-1941

Opportunities in agriculture,   pp. 190-191 PDF (581.4 KB)

Page 190

TOTTINGHAM, WILLIAM EDWARD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biochemistry
TRENK, FRED BENJAMIN, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering
TRUOG, EMIL, M.S., Professor of Soils
TURNER, FORREST HAVEN, M.A., Instructor in Agronomy
IUMBREIT, WXAYNE WILL I.AM, Ph.D.. Instructor in Agricultural Bacteriology
VAUGHAN, RICHARD ENGLISH, M.S., Professor of Plant Pathology
VERGERONT, GLEN WALLACE, B.A., Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry
WALKER, JOHN CHARLES, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Pathology
WALLENFELDT, EVERT, M.S., Assistant Professor of Dairy Industry
WECKEL, KENNETH GRANVILLE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Dairy Industry
WEHRWEIX, GEORGE SIMON, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Economics
WERNER, GEORGE MCKINLEY, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry
WHIPPLE, OTIS CHESTER. Ph.D., Instructor in Plant Pathology
WHITSON, ANDREW ROBINSON, B.S., Professor of Soils
WILDE, SERGIuS ALEXANDER, F.E., Sc.D., Associate Professor of Soils
WILEDEN, ARTHUR FREDERICK, M.S., Associate Professor of Rural Sociology
WILSON, HARLEY FROST, M.S., Professor of Economic Entomology
WILSON, PERRY WILLIAM, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Bacteriology
WISNICKY, WALTER, B.S., D.V.M., Professor of Veterinary Science
WITZEL, STANLEY ARTHUR, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering
WOJTA, JOSEPH FRANK, M.S., Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Extension
WRIGHT, ANDREW HAMILTON. MI.S., Professor of Agronomy
ZEASMAN, OTTO REINHART, B.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering
  The College of Agriculture performs three distinct functions for the citizens
of Wis-
consin. (1) it provides, with the cooperation of the other schools and colleges
of the
University, suitable collegiate instruction in agriculture and its related
fields; (2) it
conducts, through the organization of its Experiment Station, research in
the natural
and social sciences as they relate to agriculture and homemaking; and (3)
it dissemi-
nates to the farmers and homemakers of the State, through its Agricultural
organization, information on the latest research findings as pertains to
their respective
vocations. The content of this bulletin deals exclusively with the instructional
of the College of Agriculture .
    Young men, particularly those with a farm background or those who have
lived in
rural communities and understand rural problems, will find many opportunities
the broad field of agriculture. These opportunities fall into four general
namely: (1) farming; (2) agricultural teaching and extension work; (3) agricultural
commerce and industry; and (4) agricultural research.
  FARMING-There is opportunity for success in farming. The college graduate
trained in the application of modern up-to-date methods which today are indispensible
to profitable farming. He has had an opportunity to broaden greatly his perspective
and to increase his capacity to deal effectively with farm problems.
  TEACHING AND EXTENSION WORK-A large, closely-knit, organization of the
Hughes vocational agriculture teachers, county agricultural agents and other
sion workers is effectively disseminating among the farm youth and farmers
of the
various states, information on up-to-date agricultural methods and practices
available by the agricultural experiment stations. Only men with adequate
farm back-
ground and training in an agricultural college can expect to be placed in
teaching or extension work.

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