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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

Mountain and Pacific states,   pp. 14-15 PDF (594.6 KB)

Page 14

No. III-14
ties do not have proper leadership." "Consolidated rural church,
made up of a number of the smaller struggling churches."
School Problems. "Education in economic and farm finance
that will make farmers fit themselves better to their economic en-
vironment." "The development of a school system that will meet
the needs of rural communities. Must learn that the greatest lab-
oratory is the open field." "The constant problem of making the
educational development practical, so that we do not educate people
away from their foundation." "An improved rural school, from
the standpoint of the equipment, the building and the teacher.
Need more vocational training in the small towns and in the open
Co-operation and Marketing Problems. "The marketing prob-
lems are just beginning to present a serious situation."  "The
principles of true co-operation and accounting must be taught with
more emphasis." "Grading, packing, and cold storage, and putting
the raw material into the finished product must get more atten-
tion." "The establishment of co-operation on the Rochdale sys-
tem." "The principal drawback to rural life is to find a sufficient
and profitable market for the products raised on the farm. If farm-
ers have plenty of money they are not long in taking advantage of
the good things which the city people have." "Problems of market-
ing are difficult owing to great distance from markets and scarcity
of railroads."  "Developing markets and facilities for marketing
including the highways, railroads, rivers and harbors."
Rural Health and Home Conditions. "The betterment of rural
health is one of our most serious problems." "Better rural homes
(the elimination of the shack). Need for well spent leisure hours
on the farm."  "Some method of securing the necessary household
conveniences." "Credit and other financial problems." "Develop-
ment of resources without exploitation, and to get the industries
developed by the many instead of by the few capitalists It is
largely a problem of organization and co-operation with extension
of credit to young men."
Rural Organization. "Organization of county welfare boards,
and the substitution of the county for the school district as a unit
for school administration."  "Organization of farmers for eco-
nomic purposes into an organization exclusively their own." "The
construction of public halls for social and business meetings." "The
farmer must learn to organize and work as a unit. The organiza-
tions must be democratic and controlled entirely by the farmers."

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