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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

The lake states,   pp. 12-14 PDF (892.5 KB)

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No. 111-12
including nursing service. There is at least one county in the
state in which there is no nurse and only one physician."
Rural Church. "The rural social life, particularly a different
kind of rural church and a different type of rural school."
Rural Organization and Government. "We need a law that will
permit incorporated towns and rural townships to build and main-
tain community centers by public taxation." "The most pressing
need is for organization of clubs to give the farmers an opportunity
to become acquainted with each other." "Lack of organization in
every line of work." "Our social problems are problems of isola-
tion." "Consolidated schools, churches, county fairs and farmers'
clubs are sorely needed." "The isolation of women in certain
sections of the state which result in an unusually large proportion
of woman in the insane asylum coming from the sparsely settled
Rural Schools. "More and better educational and social centers
for rural communities.  Equalizing of educational advantages
throughout the state by use of state funds. Appreciation of the
vocational, social, and general educational value of courses in ag-
riculture and home economics." "Need more extension work in
rural sociology, and more rural social survey work." "There is
great need of broader vision and better education among farmers,
they should be equipped to think for themselves and express them-
selves." "Devising a school system that will meet local needs."
"Poor rural schools-Box car type one-room building, inadequately
paid and trained teachers. Wealthy districts with no children and
poor districts with many,-need reorganization." "The housing
of non-resident high school students. In some of the large and
sparsely settled counties a considerable proportion of the high school
students are living away from home.
Class Legislation. "Some recognition of the evils of class legis-
Community Spirit and Socialization. "Fostering more local
community spirit whereby the individual in a certain community
may co-operate in a business way as well as develop a much higher
level from a social standpoint." "Lack of right kind of social
which is evidenced by the type of 'movies' and other forms of enter-
tainment which are prevalent.
Co-operation and Marketing Problems. "The marketing of
farm products so as to eliminate speculation, useless transportation
and excessive charges." "The pressing need of better marketing
system to give the farmer a larger income. At present they have

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