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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

The Corn Belt,   pp. 10-12 PDF (898.5 KB)

Page 10

No. 111-10
ing themselves to modern conditions and some are extremely in-
Rural Sanitation and Health  "In some sections the sanitation
in the rural community is such as to have a considerable effect on
social and economic conditions."  "Improvement of living condi-
tions on the farm." "The problem of rural sanitation and rural
health." "The effect of the diet of country children as compared
to that of city children upon their comparative mental develop-
ment. The effect of the greater time given to work by country
children upon their comparative ability to play and do mental
work."  "There is a great need for making conditions conducive
to better rural health."
Rural Housing. "The establishment of better rural homes, es-
pecially for the farm workmen and tenant farmers is a matter that
bears directly upon the economic welfare of the community as well
as upon the social and moral conditions of rural life." "A system
of scientific country planning." "The problem of rural housing."
"Better home conveniences."
Co-operation and Marketing. "The most important problem
facing the farmers at the present is a marketing problem. The
need of convincing the public of the necessity of paying the coet oif
production plus reasonable profit on farm produce." "Better
marketing conditions." "The more effective organization of farm
ers, with special reference to the selling of their products and in
the purchase of supplies." "The thing the farmers most need now
is an understanding of marketing conditions and of the price sys-
tem, so that they may learn how to market their products at prices
which will cover (1) a fair wage for the time spent, (2) a fair in-
terest on the money invested, (3) enough in addition to enable the
farmer to maintain the fertility of the soil." "The most urgent
problems are marketing, tenancy and rural credits."
Tenancy. "The biggest question is the matter of better farm
leases and some adequate provision to safeguard the tenant when he
puts permanent improvements and fertilizer upon a farm." "There
should be a much better understanding between landlords and
tenants and the real co-operation that ought and must exist between
all partners in a successful business." "The dominant problem is
the problem of land tenure. Closely allied with it is the problem
of taxation, also reform in our system of leases." "The question
most prominent just at present is the protection of the renter in re-
gard to investments actually made on short-time lease."
Roads. "Next to tenancy the building and maintenance of good

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