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Galpin, Charles J.; Cox, Alonzo B. (ed.) / Rural, social and economic problems of the United States
Bulletin No. 3 (June 1919)

Statements of the rural social and economic: New England and the middle Atlantic states,   pp. 4-7 PDF (1.2 MB)

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No. III-4
For the benefit of the general public, the letter eliciting the fol-
lowing statements is printed below.
Dear Sir: I am at present interested in making a study of special rural
social and economic problems in the United States. In making this study.
I am asking the help of several people in each state, who are experienced
in rural life, in the hope of getting a better idea of the national problem
well as of the sectional problems.
Will you kindly let me know what you consider to be the chief problems
of your state, at the present time? I shall welcome all the fullness of
statement you feel inclined to make.
I should like, if possible, to have you reply by February 20th. I am hop-
ing to make a summary of the replies, and should be glad to send you one.
Co-operation and Marketing Problems. "Decreasing the cost of
marketing and increasing the efficiency of our marketing methods."
"Very little has been done in the way of developing the best methods
of marketing by organizing farmers to get their products direct to
the consumer." "Improvements of farming conditions including
marketing, etc., so that the farm will produce a larger income to
provide better schools." "The difficulty in this section to co-oper-
ate. . . . Tradition and worn out individualism are the chief
obstacles."  "The problem of adequate return to farmers for cost
of production, due especially to organized middle men." "How to
soften bristling individualism so as to render rural co-operation
possible." "Every farmer is afraid his neighbor will win a point,
so there is nothing but competition and no co-operation." "The
attraction of ambitious, competent men into the business of farm-
ing." "The most serious economic problem is the inability to buy
feeding stuffs at a reasonable figure and lack of competent farm
help." "The stimulation and development of a satisfactory under-
standing and whole heartedness between the producer and con-
sumer."   "Eastern farmers are the only class of manufacturers
who buy all their raw material (feeds) at retail prices and all too
frequently sell their products at wholesale." "In some states one
branch of the government has been preaching co-operation and has
been organizing co-operative societies while another branch of the
government has been doing the follow-up work by putting the offi-
cers of the cooperative associations in jail because they co-operated."
Reorganization of Agriculture. "The average farm is too small
for a farmer and his family, considering the topography of the
land." "The problem of maintaining soil fertility owing to the
high cost of fertilizer." "The chief problem in Mass. is that of
utilizing the vast amount of good grass that goes to waste. This
presents the problem of winter forage."  "The chief rural social

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