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Waukau, a history


Westover, Ruth
Waukau, a history
Waukau, Wisconsin: R. Westover, 1979
vi, 80 p. : ill., map ; 28 cm.

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[Cover] Waukau: a history

[Title page] Waukau: a history, pp. I-II

[Frontispiece] Early spring on Waukau Creek, p. III

Dedication, p. III

[Contents] List of illustrations, p. IV

[Contents] Table of contents, p. V

Map of Waukau, p. VI

Waukau --a place with a personality, Westover, Ruth M. pp. 3-4

How it happened, pp. 4-5

Waukau way back when, p. 5

The Waukau name carries on, pp. 5-8

The word "Waukau", pp. 8-9

What the white settlers remember about the Indians at Waukau, pp. 9-10

Why the early settlers came to Waukau, pp. 10-11

On to Wisconsin, pp. 11-13

The kind of people who settled Waukau, p. 13

Letter to the folks back home, Hall, Uriah pp. 14-15

Wild animals, p. 15

Luther Morton Parsons, founder of Waukau, pp. 16-17

Luke la Borde, fur trader, pp. 17-18

The list of firsts, pp. 18-19

Waukau cemetery, p. 19

Romance, p. 20

Waukau post office beginnings, p. 20

What is a fourierite?, p. 21

Waukau streets and roads, p. 22

The railroad, pp. 23-24

The Bullis Stage Line, pp. 24-25

The Civil War and the liberty pole, p. 26

War veterans, pp. 27-28

Waukau had everything--or could get it for you, p. 29

Waukau's famous racehorse, p. 30

A few outstanding Waukau people, pp. 31-32

The coming of the mustard, etc., pp. 32-33

Food, a sure-fire hit, p. 33

Health care in Waukau, p. 34

Notes from Charles E. Kremer's memoirs, pp. 35-36

The big fire at the depot, pp. 36-37

Fun in Waukau in the old days, pp. 37-39

Waukau schools, pp. 39-42

F. G. Kraege tells it like it was, Kraege, F. G. pp. 42-43

Present appearance of Waukau, p. 44

The business of Waukau 1846-1978, pp. 44-47

Waukau churches, pp. 47-50

A mile of sidewalks, pp. 50-51

Telephones, p. 51

One Foote in high school, p. 52

The Waukau pump works, p. 52

Waukau, Wisconsin, government, p. 53

Impressions of Waukau, p. 54

A list of firsts since 1900, pp. 54-55

Good times in hard times, p. 55

Waukau Homecoming Association, pp. 56-58

The village hall, pp. 58-59

How Waukau has changed!, pp. 59-61

The story of my life: interview with Asahel Wightman, age 80, 1978, pp. 62-63

The big ice storm of 1922, p. 63

A museum of local history, p. 64

John Hannon, woodcarver, pp. 64-65

Waukau Marsh - the hay lord and the muck farmer, pp. 65-66

Making hay while the sun shines, Hannon, John p. 66

The Waukau library, p. 67

Waukau's mink ranch, p. 68

Tim Morrissey--thresherman, p. 68

Tom Brogden's dogs, p. 69

The annual autumn parties, pp. 69-70

Waukau's 100th birthday in 1946, p. 70

Waukau wild area preserve, pp. 71-72

"Life" came to Diley's attic party, p. 72

Albert Sampson died a "rich" man, p. 73

Nellie Sawyer, the rug maker, p. 73

Maggie Hotchkiss and her carpets, p. 74

Mrs. Shove loved wild flowers, p. 74

Waukau's Miss Omro, p. 74

Waukau's mystery, p. 75

Waukau Flying Mane Riding Club, pp. 75-76

Waukau Community Center, p. 76

Waukau Youth Center, pp. 76-77

4-H clubs in Waukau, p. 77

The Waukau Card Club, p. 77

The Jolly 13 Bunco Club, p. 77

The Snowmobile Club, p. 78

The Eureka-Waukau Lions Club, p. 78

Waukau, Fisher, Ruth p. 78

Bibliography of information sources, p. 79

A final word, Westover, Ruth p. 80


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