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Sessions of 1886-7


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H.; Gould, John, Editor
Sessions of 1886-7
Milwaukee, WI: Cramer, Aikens and Cramer Printers, 1887
240 p. ; 23 cm.

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[Cover] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. 1886-87


[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Sessions of 1886-7

Contents, pp. [1]-[2]

Preface, Morrison, Wilt; Gould, John pp. [3] ff.

Bees and their management, Putnam, W. H. pp. [5]-7

Selecting a breed, Smith, McLean pp. 7-12

Political influences, Coolidge, S. E. pp. 13-15

Farming and mercantile business--their relation to each other, Bradford, Elmer pp. 15-17

Farm life, Wands, R. E. pp. 17-[19]

How I make butter, Curtiss, F. C. p. [19]

Small fruit culture, Fisk, Mr. p. 20

The education for farmer's daughters, Clapp, Miss pp. 20-23

Sheep, Miller, Wm. pp. 23-24

Renovation of exhausted soils, Guy, Chas. V. pp. 24-26

Young sheep the most profitable, p. 26

Keeping horses shod, p. 26

Who is the successful farmer?, Curtis, J. A. pp. 26-28

Domestic help, and how the problem may be solved, Bidwell, Sue pp. 28-31

What can the farm do for the girl?, Jones, E. F. pp. 31-35

On beautifying farmer's houses, Smith, J. M. pp. 35-36

Fish culture on the farm, Richards, O. M. pp. 36-39

The merits of the Hereford cattle, Van Metre, N. W. pp. 39-41

Mixed farming, Chamberlain, W. A. pp. 41-44

Summer and winter feeding compared, Fox, A. O. pp. 44-48

Practical hints on poultry culture, Bishop, L. A. pp. 48-52

Economy of the barnyard, Sheridan, Barney pp. 52-53

Should it be Clyde, Percheron, English Shire, or Suffolk Punch, Brown, Prof. pp. 54-57

A blind boy's thoughts of home, McGalloway, J. W. pp. 57-59

Bee-keeping, Winslow, A. A. pp. 59-60

How to improve the soil, Nuttall, Joseph pp. 60-61

Fruit-growing in Wisconsin, Barry, A. C. pp. 61-65

Swine husbandry, Wyle, Geo. pp. 65-68

What shall we do with the boy?, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 68-72

Industrial education, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 72-77

Recuperative agriculture, Roberts, I. P. pp. 77-78

The horse--his early training, Parshall, R. F. pp. 78-80

Mutton breeds of sheep, Gaues, J. W. pp. 80-81

That boy on the farm, Richmond, James, Mrs. pp. 81-84

Potato culture., Olds, B. B. pp. 84-85

Clover on sandy soil, Roberts, I. P. pp. 85-87

Raising horses on grain farms, Roberts, I. P. pp. 87-89

Principles of breeding, Smith, J. McLain pp. 89-94

What farming would confer if rightly followed, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 94-98

Is it worth while to be honest?, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 98-102

Mixed farming, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 102-106

Specialties in farming, Dwinnell, J. B. pp. 106-[108]

Sorghum, its culture and uses, Frazier, William pp. [108]-109

Home dairy cheese, Cade, J. W. pp. 109-110

Potato culture, Cox, Wm. pp. 110-112

Farm management, Williams, Daniel pp. 112-114

Ought the farmer to be educated?, Coburn, John M. pp. 115-117

The farmer's garden, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 117-118

County roads, Livermore, L. D. pp. 118-119

The value and management of manures, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 119-123

Our country schools, Mahoney, D. O. pp. 123-126

Bee-keeping for farmers, Cook, A. J. pp. 127-132

Injurious insects and how to fight them, Cook, A. J. pp. 132-138

My experience and success in the dairy business, Bragg, A. M. pp. 138-140

Ensilage, Weeks, H. S. pp. 141-142

The possibilities of the day, Robb, Jennie pp. 142-145

Nearest home, Hill, Geo. C. pp. 145-149

Granulated butter, Gould, John pp. 149-150

Potato culture, Penney, A. W. pp. 151-152

The Durham in the dairy, Brown, Wm. pp. 152-155

Pastures--how to make and how to improve them, Carswell, Fred E. pp. 155-156

The horse, Ogden, C. S. pp. 156-160

Farming and calf raising, Paulsen, Aug. A. pp. 160-163

The slaughter of the birds, Tilsen, Ida E. pp. 163-167

Progress in agriculture, Barkhausen, A. pp. 167-171

Dairying made successful, Robinson, E. S. pp. 171-174

The farmer's true vocation, Peterson, C. H. M. pp. 174-175

The farmer's home, Boie, Annie pp. 175-177

Bees and their management, Jones, Geo. W. pp. 177-181

Has the silo proved its claims?, Gould, John pp. 181-184

Disease germs, Porter, Chas. V. pp. 184-186

What will the coming farmer do?, Brooks, Seymour pp. 186-189

Advantages of summer feeding, Thorn, H. C. pp. 189-193

Shorthorns, past, present and future, Hatch, Fred pp. 193-195

Poultry farming, Porter, S. L. pp. 195-198

Ensilage, Weeks, H. S. pp. 198-199

Ringing hogs, Rhodes, J. L. pp. 199-201

Horse breeding, Hoover, J. L. pp. 201-204

Potato culture, Penney, A. M. pp. 204-205

The draft horse, Robinson, Jas. F. pp. 205-209

Some things which I learned at the institute, pp. 209-213

The young man on the farm, pp. 213-217

Clover, Cheever, D. G. pp. 217-218

The Guernsey a dairy cow, Clapp, I. J. pp. 218-221

Care and management of Merino sheep, Wilkinson, H. J. pp. 221-224

How shall we increase both the quantity and quality of our crops, Smith, J. M. pp. 224-228

Feeding cows for profit, Beach, C. R. pp. 228-231

A plea for fodder corn, Gould, John pp. 231-234

Pasturage and grasses, Beach, C. R. pp. 234-237

Comparative value of lands, Guy, C. V. pp. 237-238

Stock feeding for profit, Wilcox, R. J. pp. 238-240

[Advertisements], pp. [241]-[248]


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