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Papers, 1850-1958


Shepard, Charles
Papers, 1850-1958

Papers of Charles Shepard and other residents of the black settlement of Pleasant Ridge (now Beetown), Wisconsin, including letters, tax receipts, and community history. Shepard (Sheppard) was the head of the first African-American family to settle in what became a pioneer black community about five miles west of Lancaster, Wisconsin. In 1848, the family of William Horner, a Haymarket, Virginia planter, moved to Wisconsin, bringing with them their freed slaves: Charles and Caroline Shepard (nee Brent), their three children, Harriet, John and Mary, and Charles' brother Isaac. A woman named Sarah Brown, who was left behind in slavery, later joined this family after Isaac returned to Virginia and paid for the woman's freedom. The two then married. Charles and Isaac left a mother and several brothers and sisters in Virginia who planned on heading west at a later date. Eventually, these individuals migrated to Washington D.C. The letters are chiefly communications between the Shepards in Wisconsin and their relatives in the East. Other letters are those of Thomas and John Greene, other settlers of Pleasant Ridge.

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[Property map]

Aunt Caroline to Caroline (niece), Sep 21 1850

Niece Caroline Sheppard to aunt [Caroline], Oct 9 1850

E. Williams to brother, Apr 4, 1852

[Receipt for goods, May 22 1852]

[Receipt for goods, June 25 1853]

Sister E. Williams to brother, Oct 8 1853

[Check, Nov. 17, 1854]

Miss Fanny to Thomas, Jan 25 1854

Aunt Caroline to Caroline [niece], Sep 26 1854

[Tax receipt, March 15, 1855]

Larinda Martin to brother, Nov 24 1855

Aunt Caroline to niece [Caroline] Aug 7 1855

[Tax receipt, March 15, 1856]

Aunt Caroline Mason to Caroline [niece], Dec 19 1856

[Tax receipt, 1856]

[Tax receipt for Charles Sheppard, 1856]

[Receipt for goods]

Aunt Caroline Mason to Caroline [niece], [1856]

[Aunt Caroline] to niece [Caroline], Aug 7 1857

[Receipt, July 10, 1857]

[Document, August 7, 1858]

Edward L Sheppard to brother, Aug 29 1858

[Tax receipt, 1860]

[Receipt for goods, c. 1860]

Sister Sarah Sheppard to sister, Apr 14 1861

[Birth register]

[Emancipation documents]

F Griffith to Thomas [Green], Jan 21 c1864

[Tax receipt, Feb. 21, 1866]

[Tax receipt, Dec. 24, 1866]

Aunt Caroline Mason to niece Hattie Green, Feb 22 1869

Fanny F Griffith to Thomas Green, Nov 4 1870

Hardy Fuller to John Green, May 28 [18]79

Mr M Howard to John Green, Aug 25 1880

Lester T Greene to Mrs Crichton, Apr 27 1959

[Negro pioneer settlers of Grant County]

History of the negro pioneer settlers of Grant County, pp. [I]-IV

The Shepard family history

Only one survivor of negro colony

[Photograph of Edward C. Shepard]

[Photograph of students]

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