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Wisconsin gets a power program : a story of the WDA


Wisconsin Development Authority
Wisconsin gets a power program : a story of the WDA
Madison, Wisconsin: WDA, 1938
24 p. : ill., ports, maps ; 23 cm.

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[Blank page]

[Cover] Wisconsin gets a power program

[Title page] Wisconsin gets a power program: a story of the WDA, p. [1]

Wisconsin Development Authority, p. [2]

Foreword, Perry, Charles B. p. [3]

WDA officers and directors, p. [4]

WDA administrative heads, p. [4]

Electricity, Becker, John A. p. [5]

Diagram of Wisconsin Development Authority, p. [6]

Wisconsin gets a power program. Introduction, p. 7

Electricity indispensable, p. 7

Cheap power for industry means low production costs, p. 7

For agriculture--higher net income, p. 7

For farm women--release from drudgery, p. 7

For housewives--easier and better housekeeping, p. 8

These questions inspired the WDA, p. 8

WDA--its corporate charter, p. 8

WDA--functions as a public instrumentality, pp. 8-9

WDA safeguards interests of citizens, p. 9

WDA's objective: a sound and prudent power program, p. 10

What can be done, p. 10

For electric cooperatives and power districts, p. 10

Cannot encourage acquisition of a particular plant, p. 10

All other functions with state funds left intact, p. 10

WDA act meets test of courts, p. 11

WDA constructive, pp. 11-14

WDA carefully thought out and planned, p. 14

"A better method of administration", p. 14

Cheap power prompts abundant use, pp. 14-15

Rural electrification, p. 15

Badger farmers demonstrate local initiative, p. 15

In Wisconsin: electric rates today and TVA rates, p. 16

In Mississippi: TVA region: electric rates before and after TVA, p. 17

Extent of REA program in Wisconsin, p. 18

Utilities speed up rural electric service, p. 18

Coordinating agency established, p. 18

Towards an electrified agriculture, pp. 18-19

REA program benefits industry, p. 19

Groups cooperating with the state REA program, p. 19

WDA and rural electrification, p. 19

How WDA can help Wisconsin farmers, p. 19

Assistance needed in power district field, p. 19

Wisconsin-Fox Rivers development plan, p. 20

WDA studying state power facilities, p. 21

Conclusion, p. 21

Chapter 334, laws of 1937, p. 22

Chapter 199, pp. 22-24 ff.

[Letter to Julius P. Heil from John A. Becker], Becker, John A. pp. [1]-4

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