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The Martinsons of Springdale


Bliskey, Dorothy
The Martinsons of Springdale
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: D. Bliskey, [2005]
322 p. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.

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[Title page], p. [1]

Dedication, p. [1]

Introduction, p. 2

Thanks, pp. 2-3

The Martinsons of Sprindale: follows the lives of Martin and Clara Martinson and their nine children, shown below, p. 4

Springdale Township in Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 5

Dane County, Wisconsin, p. 6

Mt. Horeb Lutheran churches of the Martinson family, p. 7

About the author, p. 8

Table of contents, p. 9

Chapter 1: Setting down roots - the Martinson homestead, pp. 10-22

Chapter 2: Tidbits of Martinson life on the farm - from 1911 to 1944, pp. 23-66

Chapter 3: Benunie ventures on her own with Walter - life of the Schwarz's, pp. 67-152

Chapter 4: Geneva begins new life with Alvin - the Dettwiler family, pp. 153-184

Chapter 5: Verna meets Bennie - and leaves the Martinson nest, pp. 185-196

Chapter 6: Gaylord Martinson moves into the 1940s with his bride Shirley, pp. 197-224

Chapter 7: Alma finds Jermome - new home, new life - the Skindrud family, pp. 225-234

Chapter 8: Helen and Alfred marry and make cheese - the Abplanalp family, pp. 235-242

Chapter 9: Myrtle is prom queen with king Milton - the Showers unite, pp. 243-252

Chapter 10: Harland meets Martha at the state fair - their family story, pp. 253-302

Chapter 11: Marty the football star - the family of Marty and Lois, pp. 303-319

Credits, pp. 320-322


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