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Glacial geology of Wisconsin


Bancroft, Genevieve; Madison Public Schools (Wis.); Instructional Materials Center
Glacial geology of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin: Instructional Materials Center, Madison Public Schools

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[Cover] Glacial geology of Wisconsin

Instructional materials about our community

[Contents] Glacial geology of Wisconsin

Objectives, p. 1

Glacial geology of Wisconsin outline, pp. 1-4

Wisconsin geologic time chart, p. 5

Pleistocene or glacial epoch, p. 6

North America during glacial period, p. 7

Wisconsin showing extent of glaciation, p. 8

Glacial Wisconsin showing four lobes and driftless area, p. 9

Glacial geology of Dane County, p. 10

Wetlands, lakes and streams, p. 11

Cross section of the Yahara Valley at Madison where the cambrian sandstone forms a wide valley, p. 12

Cross section: precambrian to glacial drift, p. 13

Cross section: geology of southern Wisconsin, p. 14

[Map of glacial features], p. 15

Selected vocabulary - glacial geology, p. 16

Short history of the ice age in Wisconsin, p. 17

Animals of the ice age in Wisconsin, Raasch, G. O.; Trayser, M. pp. 18-19

Geological odyssey, p. 20

The two creeks forest bed, Thwaites, F. T. pp. 21-22

Two creeks interval, p. 23

[Diagrams of the Two Creeks interval], pp. 24-27

[News articles], pp. 28-29

[Essential resource materials], p. 30

[Script for filmstrips], pp. 31-54


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