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Picturesque Janesville : Illustrated


Wise, George W.
Picturesque Janesville : Illustrated
Janesville, Wisconsin: G. W. Wise, 1888
[52 p.] : plates 33 cm.

A pictorial collection of Janesville residences, schools, churches, street scenes, bridges and dams. Many of these structures no longer exist. The author's note states: "In presenting this work of Art to the public, permit me to say that in many respects it differs from any work ever offered to the people of Janesville. It is different not only as a work of Art but in the style of illustrations, and is a fair specimen of advanced photography, known among artists as Photo-Graveure, or Photo-Mechanical Printing, being printed on ordinary printing press from negatives taken by myself. This collection embraces our most prominent buildings, residences and the scenery surrounding our home. In making the collection an effort has been made to select views that would be a fair representation of the best. It would have been a pleasure to me could I have enlarged the size of this work, but in such a case it would have been too expensive to be within the reach of many. In offering you 'Picturesque Janesville,' I give you a work of Art, believing that those who possess it would prefer looking else where for a descriptive history of our city than have its pages encumbered with printed matter."

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Picturesque Janesville, Wise, Geo. W.

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