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Letters, 1861, 1866


Johnson, John A.
Letters, 1861, 1866

Typescript copies of correspondence relating to recruiting men of Norwegian descent for Colonel Hans Heg's 15th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, September-October 1861, including several to or from Heg; also a letter regarding a regimental reunion, 1866.

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[Transcribed letter from B. I. Madson to John Johnson: Cambridge, September 27, 1861], Madson, B. I.

[Transcribed letter from K. K. Jones to John Johnson: the pines near Quincy, September 29, 1861], Jones, K. K. pp. [unnumbered]-2

[Transcribed letter from J. B. Selby, Jr. to J. A. Johnson: Milwaukee, September 30, 1861], Selby, J. B., Jr.

[Transcribed letter from Hans C. Heg to his friend John Johnson: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 30, 1861], Heg, Hans C. pp. [unnumbered]-2

[Transcribed letter from B. I. Maelson to J. A. Johnson: Cambridge, October 6, 1861], Maelson, B. I.

[Transcribed letter from Hans Heg to Johnson: Waupun, October 7, 1861], Heg, Hans

[Transcribed letter from A. Clement: Camp Halstan, October 9, 1861], Clement, A.

[Transcribed letter from Carl I. Kraby to Lit. Col. K. K. Jones: Waupun, October 11, 1861], Kraby, Carl I.

[Transcribed letter from Hans Johnson to his brother: Red Wing, October 12, 1861], Johnson, Hans

[Transcribed letter from H. Johnson to his brother: Fort Snelling, October 12, 1861], Johnson, H.

[Transcribed letter from K. Eriksen to Col. Hans C. Heg: Black Earth, October 14, 1861], Eriksen, K. pp. [unnumbered]-2

[Transcribed letter from J. T. Christy to Conel H. C. Heg: Fort Tillinghart, October 20, 1861], Christy, J. T.

[Transcribed letter to Maj. Gen. A. Willich: Chicago, Illinois, October 22, 1866], Willich, A.

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