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Family correspondence, 1838, 1855-1874


Hastings, Lucy A.
Family correspondence, 1838, 1855-1874

Family correspondence to and from Lucy A. Hastings and her husband David; including letters from relatives in Dexter, Michigan, and an 1855 description of moving from Massachusetts to Oxford, Wisconsin, and information on Indians around Oxford, moving to Eau Claire in 1857, and an Indian panic there in 1862.

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Bloom Prairie Wis. Oct. 6th/ [18]38

Oxford May 9th 1855

Oxford Apr 27th 1856

Sabbath Eve [1856]

Oxford Jan 25th. 1857

Dexter Feb. 13th 1857

Eau Claire March 22nd/ [18]57

Eau Claire June 22nd 1857

Eau Claire, Oct. 25th 1857

Dexter Feb. 9th 1858

Eau Claire Feb 26th 1858

Eau Claire Aug 22nd 1858

Eau Claire Nov 7th 1858

Eau Claire Dec 30th 1858

Eau Claire Jan 26th 1859

Eau Claire Feb 22nd 1859

Eau Claire April 20/ [18]59

Eau Claire May 3rd/ [18]59

Eau Claire Jan 1st 1860

Eau Claire Feb 26th 1860

Eau Claire March 11th/ [18]60

Eau Claire May 22/ [18]60

Dexter July 2nd/ [18]60

Eau Claire Feb 25th 1861

Eau Claire Sept 16th, 1861

Eau Claire Dec 27, 1861

Eau Claire May 11th 1862

Dexter Oct. 11th 1862

Eau Claire Oct. 27th/ [18]62

Eau Claire Mar 25th 1863

Eau Claire Apr 9th/ [18]63

Dexter Dec. 11th 1864

[Dexter] April 6th 1866

Webster March 24th/ [18]67

Base Lake Feb. 10/ [18]68

Dexter Oct. 7th 1868

Dexter March 20th 1870

Base Lake Feb. 2nd 1872

Dexter April 10th 1872

Webster Dec, 20/ [18]73

Webster Feb, 8th 1874

Base Lake Sept, 27th, 1874

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