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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1889]


[Hamilton Manufacturing Company ledger, 1889]
Two Rivers, Wisconsin: J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company, 1889

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[Marbled pages]

Manufacturing "a", pp. [unnumbered]-18

Expense "a", pp. [unnumbered]-38

Fixtures "a", pp. 39-40

Wood a/c "a", p. 41

Lumber a/c "a", p. 42

Fixtures "a" [continued], p. 43

Wages "a", pp. 44-45

Manufacturing "b", pp. 46-56

Expense "b", p. 57

Fixtures "b", pp. 58-59

Wood a/c "b", p. 60

Wages a/c "b", pp. 61-62

Lumber a/c "b", pp. 63-64

Merchandise, pp. 65-74

Interest a/c, pp. 75-76

Cash a/c, p. 77

Real estate, p. 78

Building a/c "a", p. 79

Post office, p. 80

Suspense a/c, pp. 81-82

Profit and loss, p. 83

Merchandise [continued], p. 84

Bills receivable, pp. 85-90

Suspense a/c [continued], pp. 91-92

Bills payable, pp. 93-102

[Personal accounts], pp. 103-155

Fixtures "b" [continued], pp. 156-158

[Personal accounts], pp. 159-166

Freight "a", pp. 167-168

Freight "b", pp. 169-173

Building "b", p. 174

Paint shop, pp. 175-176

Surplus a/c, p. 177

Capital stock, p. 178

[Personal accounts continued], p. 179

Error a/c, p. 180

[Personal accounts continued], pp. 181-322

Sundries a/c #2, pp. 323-326

[Personal accounts continued], pp. 327-342

Sundries a/c #1, pp. [unnumbered]-352

[Personal accounts continued], pp. 353-573

Balance a/c, pp. [unnumbered]-609

[Personal accounts continued], pp. [unnumbered]-632

Chicago a/c mdse.

Chicago suspense, pp. 700-702

Chicago freight, pp. 703-706

Chicago bills rec., pp. 707-708

Chicago cash, pp. 709-714

Chicago fixtures, pp. 715-716

Chicago expense, pp. 717-718

Bills receivable record, pp. [unnumbered]-755

Bills payable record, pp. 756-777

[Personal accounts continued], pp. [unnumbered]-800

[Marbled pages]


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