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Berlin's memories in 1976


Berlin's memories in 1976

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[Cover] Berlin's memories in 1976

[Foreword] Forward, p. 1

Introduction: a past to remember - a future to mold: history involves people, p. 1

The bicentennial, p. 2

Berlin, pp. 3-5

Immigration destination: town of Berlin, pp. 6-17

Home is America's dairyland: the machines of agriculture, pp. 18-22

Lumbering, pp. 23-26

Farriers - blacksmiths, pp. 27-28

Naugart and Emmerich: post offices, pp. 28-30

Berlin - creamery and cheese factories, pp. 31-34

Transportation: automobile and trucks, pp. 35-37

The mar of depressions, p. 37

The churches of Berlin township, pp. 38-42

I do I do, pp. 43-45

Education then and now, pp. 46-50

Insurance company originates here, p. 51

Taverns, pp. 52-54

Local business and enterprises, pp. 55-56

From horses and blacksmiths to motored vehicles and garages, pp. 57-58

Maple syrup, p. 58

Lath shed on fields - ginseng, pp. 58-59

Sports and recreation, p. 60

The housewife - then and now, pp. 61-62

Homemakers clubs, p. 63

4-H clubs: motto - to make the best better, pp. 63-64

Veterans, pp. 65-66

Century farms in the town of Berlin, p. 67

Longest wed couple, p. 68

Oldest residents, p. 68

Town of Berlin Officials, pp. 69-70

Two hundred years, p. 71

Chronological order of town events: clerk's records, pp. 72-77

Winners of the bicentennial essay, poetry and art contests at Berlin School, p. 78

Notes, p. 79

Index, p. 80


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