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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 71, Number 8 (June 1970)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 2

Page 2

Arlie M. Mucks, Jr./ Executive Director
  October 1, 1970, marks the end
of the Harrington era. It has been
an era of great growth and many
problems for the University of Wis-
consin. Since President Harrington
took over the reins of this institu-
tion eight years ago, the size of the
school has doubled. He has done an
unusual job of providing opportu-
nities for young people. He has also
done an amazing job of convincing
the proper authorities that build-
ings and f a c i l it i e s were needed if
the opportunities for education
were going to be available. He has
done a great service to all of us
by maintaining the traditions of the
   Even though our University has
been worked over by professionals
in the destruction business, it has
not closed for one minute. This is
something that all of us can be
proud of. As we examine the Har-
rington record, we will find that it
is one of progress and growth and
achievement, and I would like to
wish the president the very best of
success in his new role as a Vilas
professor of history.
  Another strong figure has emerged
during the last two years on the
Madison campus: we should salute
the efforts of Chancellor Ed Young.
If a man has ever been put to a
test, it has been Ed Young, and he
has met the challenge and has done
an outstanding job as Chancellor of
the Madison campus.
   Chancellor Young has confronted
his adversaries with firmness by en-
couraging peaceful dissent and pres-
ervation of the University for its
rightful purpose, an institution of
higher learning. He inherited a
difficult and almost impossible sit-
uation two years ago. The seeds of
disruptive protest had been planted
by a small group of revolutionaries
who were well entrenched, having
enjoyed virtually unchecked free-
dom in turning the Madison campus
into a hotbed for radical movement.
But in the brief term of Chancellor
Young's administration, new cam-
pus rules and regulations governing
behavior have been enforced. There
have been suspensions and expul-
sions in striving to effectively cope
with the disruptive element, and no
hesitation on his part to bring police
and guardsmen in to preserve the
University for the majority of the
students and faculty.
  He has put the interests of the
University first, although it some-
times meant setting himself up as a
target for campus dissenters. Dur-
ing the last disturbance, Young
promised that the campus would re-
main open. His unflinching deter-
mination during this period reas-
sured many people who planned to
return for Alumni Weekend, and
attendance at this annual event hit
an all-time high.
   It's no wonder that the Daily
Cardinal was annoyed by his ap-
proach and editorialized that he
should resign. Young has done an
outstanding job of protecting the
rights of the majority. We need
more men like him in our college
administration and we would like to
salute him for keeping the doors
open and for providing opportuni-
ties for our young people. Truly
Ed Young has given real meaning
to the words "On Wisconsin."
Wisconsin Alumnus

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