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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Stiles, Lindley J.
What is Wisconsin?,   pp. [20]-[21]

Page [21]

  Ye ,   s, Wis.o0si  is a wo an  to;apone o anuari
of S  * wok  a hoeakr a  0.hla  an  tee r~o n  hig  a 6
toch quel moin toar eqaiy a-.  lay  speni  an00.
  wise drese in pupl wit a Bir of Fir cicigaon
  he   shudes a batin  beat.  longn  on a pie  wit  one
  a  trats  on Amria  Foeg  Poiy  icni sasau
  en   to brn   00rt  the fuue  It isagatetrpieta pr
  ate at a prfi fo all.*       - .
  A 0  mokytahn rfso;bnesadbsns   e
  0on to scol aS laye reain fro hi oosinte tt
  Leilaue  and cotovry  shrp  sicee  and at tims0t
  ter   . deae-hs ar - Wiscon.sin.
  In0 ante   lnteU irsit  fWsosni   ap
  chl   fre  fro  pellagra.
  Wicni is wor beor  ply  idbfr*  aeil
  chrce  abv   al0l.0~.
    Cotrves  isteU iest.I  seenlcnlc  ewe
 fac S.d opnin   ero   and  trth  prjdc ndtlrne
 tetn butra. It is anahee  ihsrngadail uce
 runin a rac wit a 0 Bage bet -e clase.
 Wsconi isa  nioaigciae  ohpyia  n
    hu an  tha  chlene  al to Plyoe-hi  has ti h
  itch~~~ of cuist  n0retvt  ihuni.daiit  osrth
  Wicni is bot  a tede   mohe  enouagn  th  wea  and
    a~ ~ ste. fahe  ad oihn  l-od  etr
  Wicni is Chitint  an  all other rlgo sl eo i
  nain and fats It is a pret .a rabi a miitr akn
  quietly wit  a gru500tdet 0-a ro om.Wscni
  is eqaiy         0.oray Sred m opotuiy hu-iny It is
  wol  an   yo  wil See. it  mg.Lse-otewn  n o
  wil  hea  ison. Watc  a shotn   misl  an  yo  willfee
  it  powe. Tak  a- wal  in th u;yuwl eliseeg
  beaty  Serc  you -u an  yo  wilfn isvle.  Recal
  th pasae "Y shall kno the trt an th trt halmk
ou fre"   0n yo .0l cac it spri an knwit -isin

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