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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

With the classes,   pp. 208-212

Page 209

With the Cla8ss. 2-
After   finishing  his   seminary
,course, he was a pastor at Depere,
Wis. Thence he went to Ripon
in the same state.      There he
served his church and community
-eleven yearsý there his wife-
,slept these eight years, and there
-he now rests with labors com-
pleted. From Ripon he went to
-Racine, and from Racine to Whit-
ing, Ind., where his last pastorate
   "To those who knew him as
 their pastor and fellow--citizen,
 -he stood for decided, though not
 antagonistic, participation in all
 duties of good citizenship; for
 frank, open-minded and able ex-
 -position of civic  and   church
 polity; for physical strength and
 :mental ability that made those
 .clustered about him feel more se-
 cure; for a remarkable fortitude,
 -hope and moral steadfastness in.
 the things 'that try men's souls;'
 for a beautiful devotion to his
 -pastoral duties that makes the
 verified report of his having been
 found in death with a little girl
 in either arm, whom he had tried
-to save, an appropriate seal upon
-his- life-work and  a   beautiful
-memory of his character.
   "To speak as a fellow-student
-and close friend, I would leave
with you this message: Mr. Rich,
-ardson- was one whom it was good
.to know. To meet him, though
,only to say 'good morning,' made
,ife seem a little less impersonal;
-to know him lessened that feeling
of   isolation and   namelessness
-that too much haunts life in great'
-congested centers, and is reflected
even in our own college com-
-munity; to have his friendship
warmed the heart and made all
men seem more akin.
  "In his work he was always
glad, and if sometimes he grew
tired, the presence or the wish
of a friend was not the signal for
a sigh, but the chance for the
cheerfulness of his heart to flow
naturally  out; in   his thought
there was an    optimistic vigor
and a sweet reasonableness that
at once put him on terms of
frank honesty with teacher and
fellow-student; in his desires and
pleasures there was a wholesome-
ness that charmed his associates
and reflected itself in his very
  "To have met him, to have
known him, and to have felt his
friendship is the more surely to
be kept from things that are lit-
tle and mean and hurtful, and to
be saved unto things that are
large and good and helpful; to
have caught the spirit of his
work, to have entered into his
thoughts; and to have shared his
pleasures is to live better and to
help others to live better."
  Mrs. Anson Case,,, mother of:
Mrs. Robert M. La Follette, '85,
died at Baraboo February 5. Mrs.
Case had been suffering a week
from a stroke of paralysis. She
was 75 years old.
  Prof. Rasmus B. Anderson lec-
tured before two .literary clubs at
Elgin, Ill., on the afternoon and
evening of February 12, on "The
Teutonic Epic and Norse Litera-
  Mr. and.Mrs. T. E. Brittingham.
(Mary L. Clark, '89) sailed from

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