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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 1 (Oct. 1903)

With the classes,   pp. 21-28

Page 23

Wit/ the Claswes.
home of the groom's parents, and
from there to Fort Crook to join
the 22d infantry, which will leave
that post about October 25th for
San Francisco en route to The
Philippines.   Mrs. Curtis is a
sister of Lieut. William A. Kent
of the 23d infantry.
   Miss Edith Lyle spent the sum-
 mer at Madison. She has just
 completed a year's work at the
 University of Pennsylvania, from
 which institution she received the
 .degree of doctor of philosophy,
   Dr. E. R. Buckley and Miss
 Grace E. Madgeburg, of Milwau-
 kee, were married at MilwaukeeĆ½
 August 25. Miss Madgeburg was
 educated at Milwaukee. Downer
 college and in Paris and Berlin.
 Dr. and Mrs. Buckley will reside
 at Rolla, Mo., Dr. Buckley being
 state geologist of Missouri.
   M. F. A. Wheelihan, law '95, !s
 vice president of a great sash and
 door company at Everett, Wash.
   Wm., R. Graves and Miss Queen
 M. Horsfal were     married   at
 Prairie du Chien in August. Mr.
 Graves is district attorney   of
 Crawford county, and they will
 live at Prairie du Chien.
   Edmund J. Rendtorff, '95, and
 Miss Magdalene Bach, ex-'05, were
 married at Madison, July 4., Mr.
 Rendtorff is an instructor in the
 boys' school at Lake Forest, Ill.
   Richard A. Goodell, of Platte-
ville, was in Europe the past sum-
   Miss Minnie Bergh, of Madi-
son, and Mr. Harry L. Ross, were
married Aug. 10. They will re-
side at Colorado Springs where
Mr. Ross is engaged in the in-
surance business.
   David Atwood, ex-'96, and Miss
 Harriet E. Carpenter were mar-
 ried at -Janesville- August ---. Mri
 Atwood is-now city editor of the
 Janesville Gazette. Mr. and Mrs.
 Atwood will be at home after
 October 1 at 104 Park     Place,
   Lieut. John V. Green, ex-'96, of
 the regular army, died at Fort
 Bayare, N. M., September 20. He
 was born in Dane county, edu-
 cated at the university for the
 law, and opened an office in Edger-
 ton, later going to Oconto, where
 he enlisted in the Spanish war,
 serving in the Porto, Rico, cam-
 paign. He was afterwards corn-*.
 missioned a lieutenant in the vol-
 unteer army and served in the
 Philippines for two y5ears and on
 returning was assigned to the reg-
 ular serVice:and later promoted to
 first lieutenant. His health began
 to fail about a year ago, starting
 from service in the Philippines.
 Ralph C. Vernon, law     '96, of
 Madison, died by his own, hand at
 the- home of his brother in Kansas
 City October 2. He had been in
 failing health for a year and his
 troubles clouded his reason. The
 funeral was held at Madison Oc-
 tober 6.
 Miss Sarah E. Sisson, of Wash-
 ington, *D. C., was married Au-
 gust 25 at Washington to Julius
 F. Dietrich, who completed the
 short course in, the college of agri-
 culture in 1896. Mr. Dietrich has
 been superintendent of dairying
 in the United States asylum  at
Washington, D. C., during the past
three years.

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