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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

With the classes,   pp. 28-29

Page 28

being able to attend the dinner. Also a
telegram from Willard Waterman (the
Great Gildersleeve). Elroy Hirsch of
football fame was present and told the
group of his recent visit to the Wiscon-
sin Campus.
  The Alumni were entertained by a
group who sang several numbers. There
was cheese from Wisconsin and Door
Sheboygan Superlatives
   The Sheboygan people speak in super-
latives when they refer to the "largest"
and "most successful" Founders Day
meeting held in the beautiful Flamingo
Club Dining Room, where they gathered
in February to listen to the Dean of the
University Graduate School, Dr. Conrad
Elvehjem. And with just cause!
   A. Matt. Werner, President of the
University Board of Regents, introduced
Dr. Elvehjem as "one of the nation's
most distinguished scientists".
   President Clayton M. Bond pointed
out that Sheboygan County had furnished
the State with three of its top admin-
istrators-Gov. Walter J. Kohler, Su-
preme Court Justice George Currie,
   Otto Barenscher, chairman     of the
ticket committee, was paid a special com-
pliment for the record breaking attend-
   Bill Sachse, the club's membership
chairman, reported the largest club mem-
bership in the history of its existence-
276 members.
   New Directors elected include-Atty.
Nathan S. Heffernan and Miss Doris
  Double Founders Day celebrations
were organized in Atlanta, Georgia. On
February 11, a luncheon meeting heard
Associate Prof. Dr. Helen A. Dicke, of
the University Medical School, talk. On
March 11, they listened to Dr. Robert
F. Whitaker, reported Mrs. Ralph Bohn,
the President.
   Prof. Stanley Joslin is treasurer and
E. 0. Werba is secretary of that Club.
Dessert at Janesville
  The Janesville Alumni like their Des-
sert Meetings. On April 4, the alumni
gathered together at the local Woman's
Club to heat Art Lentz, genial speaker of
the University's Sport Department, talk
about the future plans of the University
Prophecy in Twin Cities
  Prophetic was the Minneapolis Alumni
Club's announcement for its noon Found-
ers Day luncheon at the Curtis Hotel
on March 5th. It said that the Badgers
would play Minnesota that evening and
planned to upset the Golden Gophers.
And the Badgers did just that-78 to 72.
Bud Foster, Wisconsin Basketball Coach;
Fritz Wegner, his assistant; and Art
Lentz, who announced the Wisconsin-
Minnesota basketball game that evening,
provided the main program. (We can
use more of such forecasts by Club
President Marshall Diebold and Roger
Taylor, his right-hand man.)
Cuatro senores y una senora at a Founders Day meeting in Mexico City caught
attention of a Mexico City News photographer. They're Profs. Marshall Graff
Chester Allen, both of the UW, Russell Goedjen, alumni club president, and
Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon Fox. Mr. Fox, Alumni Association president, was speaker at the
luncheon on March 11, reports club secretary Mrs. Alice Thistlewaite.
Before 1900 ......        ........ W
  Sixty years as a practicing physician was
the occasion for some celebration on the part
of Dr. Edward M. POSER '88. While he
has served Columbus since 1894, he is con-
tinuing his practice.
  The Prairie du Chien Veterans of Foreign
Wars post held a testimonial dinner recently
for Dr. Peter L. SCANLAN, '87, honoring
him for his 52 years as a practicing physician
in two Wisconsin counties.
  Wilbur STILES, '93, and his wife were
honored by 100 persons at a Lake Mills open
house celebrating their 60th wedding anni-
versary. He was among the first students to
graduate from the UW Agricultural College.
  Two major events were celebrated recently
by Dr. G. E. BILSTAD, '96 . . . his
81st birthday and his and Mrs. Bilstad's
55th wedding anniversary. Dr. Bilstad has
been practicing medicine at Cambridge for
the past 55 years.
1900 to 1905..... .          .  .     W
  The Cosmopolitan club of Milwaukee gave
its 23rd annual award to Walter H. BEN-
DER, '01, for "outstanding service for the
public good and for a philosophy of life as
well as daily course of action in harmony
with the Cosmopolitan principles." He is an
attorney in Milwaukee.
  Dr. H. D. MURDOCK, '02, was honored
as "Doctor of the Day" at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Dr. Murdock is a former president of the
Tulsa County Medical society.
  The State Medical Society feted Dr. Frank
B. TAYLOR, '02, when he became a mem-
ber of the Wisconsin society's exclusive "50
Year Club." Dr. Taylor's office is in his
home in Madison.
  A former state senator and member of
Congress, Harry SAUTHOFF, '02, retired
from his law practice in Madison a short
time ago. He has no plans beyond "staying
home and taking it easy."
  Deputy State Fire Marshall Julius J.
KRUG, '03, has retired after 29 years in
that position. He is the father of Julius A.
Krug, former secretary of the interior.
  "Masterworks of the Orchestral Repertoire:
A Guide to Listeners," is the title of a new
book by Donald N. FERGUSON, '04. Mr.
Ferguson is a professor-emeritus of music
at the University of Minnesota. His new
book is based on program notes he has
written for the past 25 years for the
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.
1905 to 1910     ....... W
  A new tray which aids in keeping drafts-
men's tables clear won an award recently for
Raymond D. SMITH, '06, a draftsman in
the Wisconsin State Highway Department.
He holds patents on several devices connected
with drafting.
  This past season's Minnesota-Wisconsin
game was the first one missed by Edward S.
PATTISON, '08, since 1901. He played
on three Badger squads back at the turn
of the century.
  John D. BLACK, '09, has been elected
president of the American Economic Associa-
tion for this year. He is an emeritus profes-
sor of economics at Harvard.

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